I’ve always felt glory and complete pride in being a woman.  Not only do I embrace the sensuality, strength, and nobility that is the gift of this gender, I also relish - with deep admiration - in the spiritually expanded activist, witches, politicians, and sages that have paved such a conscious space for us to exist as women today.

Embracing my deep feminine strength (which is actually quite rooted in the masculine), I live by a few reads that have expanded me into my very own definition of my womanhood.  It is worth noting that about ten outspoken, well-educated, extremely tough woman - that value self-respect higher than any currency - should be credited for why I am lucky enough to be the pillar of the noble feminist that I am today.  Here are my top five resources that are currently stretching me daily. 

Women Who Run With Wolves | gifted to me by one of the most inspiring women and mentors I've ever known. 

Mother Wit :  A feminist Guide To Psychic Development | just recently suggested to me by way of the ever insightful Erica of The Mama Circle.

I Am A Woman (lectures by Yogi Bhajan) | because one should never be made to feel insecure or powerless. 

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings | because Maya Angelou is the most graceful and gentle feminist of them all. 

Childbearing Year | my absolute favorite.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips