Elderberry Astragalus Ginger Syrup

And so we embark on the season of building immunity and heat (one day soon).  This is a very common remedy that I supply to my clients—especially those with small children that are susceptible to picking up everything from other children.  A dropper or teaspoon of this a day truly does keep illness away.  See what I did there?

Elderberry Astragalus Ginger Syrup

3 Cups purified water

1 cup organic elderberries | immune boosting, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infection preventing.

2” of ginger, peeled and chipped into ¼” | immune boosting, warming, keeps digestion in alignment

1 tbls Sun Potion astragalus | reduces stress, immune boosting, DNA protecting

1 cinnamon stick | warming, flavor

1.5 Tbls Philosophie Berry Manuka Honey | filled with massive vitamin C in way of berries – namely Camu Camu. 

PROCESS | bring water to a light boil.  Add all ingredients aside from honey.  Simmer on very low for 40 minutes to decoct the herb, berries & barks.  Strain into a jar.  Let it cool to a bit above room temperature.  Add honey, and enjoy for weeks in your fridge.  A wonderful addition to teas, fizzy water, by the spoon-full, or thrown into a juice. 

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