L.A. Juice

Juice, juice, juice.  I've been so absolutely in love with L.A Juice's branding and quality for some time now, though I've never had a chance to try their product.  Monday, my box arrived with eight loving colorful glass bottles full of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and some truly creative formulas! 

All of the juices were exceptionally palatable and really rounded out in flavor.  Nothing too bitter, sweet, or pungent.  Just right.  My ABSOLUTE favorite new obsessions are the: Moon Smoothie, Turmeric Mylk, and Canyon Flush.  I really believe that I could live on these three products. 

Not only is LJ's branding divine - and the fact that they use glass bottles to decrease further oxidation of the produce and leaching of endocrine disrupting chemicals - but they also source all of their produce from local California organic farms.  And to me, in the juice world, that means everything. 

As we near Autumn - the season of going inward, slowing down, and releasing anything that isn't serving us anymore - these juices were the perfect cleansing antidote to soaring summer temperatures, indulgence, and an extroverted last three months.  

If you're looking for the next spot to do your cleanse and quality bottles, clean ingredients, and taste are all important to you, look no further. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips