The Art Of Prepping

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When I was young, my family spent Sunday watching T.V.  I even remember thinking then that life was just passing us by.  There is so much out there to explore, do, live, eat, touch, feel -  and most important - make.  T.V. can't be it (cue my Capricorn moon)?  Now as an adult, Sunday is truly my favorite day of the week.  There is so much permission whispered in the air, "today is a free pass day."  And so I treat it as my day of freedom by doing the things I love. 

Interestingly enough, Sunday is a day filled with visiting my favorite farmers at the Farmers' Market, and prepping for the week.  It has become quite ritualistic, and sets the tone for the most incredibly energetic week.  Here are a few things I do every Sunday. 

FLOWERS | I pick up fresh flowers at the market or I forage them in my neighborhood based on the season.  In Feng Shui, plants are amongst the things that bring the greatest chi energy by adding happiness, abundance, and health to your life.  I fill the vase in front of my hallway mirror, a small bud vase in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom.  I transition the colors based on chakras that I feel need a little extra strengthening. 

PREP | In the kitchen, I always prep basics for the week.  I sprout one legume and one (gluten-free) to have in the fridge for whipping up a bowl whenever desired.  I also take this time to make a large batch of bone broth, nut mylk, boil a few pasture raised eggs to have on hand, and an herbal infusion filled with current targeted herbs I'm taking.  

DECLUTTER | clutter, to me, is the worst.  It haunts me.  It's impossible for me to just let it sit, so I make sure to declutter anything in my small space that has found a way to collect.  This usually entails my desk, backing up my computer, and organizing baskets in my house.  I also apply this to my fridge as well.

CLEANSE | because Sunday is usually the day that my house is cleaned, I take this time to cleanse my crystals in the sun or under powerful moons, and palo santo or sage my space.  Then I energetically let the crystals guide me as to what corners they are most needed.  

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