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The first thing people say—especially men—when I ask if they’d like a tonic is, “sure, but the only thing I don’t like is stevia.”  Stevia, I must say, does have a very distinct aftertaste that can certainly confuse a palate when a recipe is “off”.  And I’ve realized after using many different brands that some can be smoother than others.  My favorite brand to date is certainly Omica for how smooth it lands in a recipe, and furthermore for their perfect flavor options.  More often than not, I end up using Omica’s vanilla or butterscotch toffee in my tonics, smoothies, and teas.

Stevia's zero glycemic index has certainly become important to me because I suffer from adrenal fatigue. And the absolute most basic objective to keeping one’s adrenals stable is blood sugar stability.  Though I’ve spent years trying to defy this through honey, dates, raw cane sugar and maple syrup, (though unrefined) they've proven to be too high glycemically, which results in a “cracked out” feeling.  And too much too often will then parlay into afternoon fatigue, 3a wake-ups, low libido, eczema on my legs, and more.  

So I’m very grateful for this herb from Paraguay and Brazil that has been used for hundreds of years to sweeten food. If you are looking to cleanse your liver from sugar congestion, suffer from diabetes, adrenal fatigue, or simply stay away from the crazy role sugar plays in your body, I certainly recommend picking up some Ormica stevia.  A few other little sweeteners that I use periodically are lucuma, molasses, and mesquite

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