Applied Kinesiology (AK), or muscle testing, has been one of the most necessary and helpful tools in my reaching full and vibrant health again.  Deep into my healing journey with Late Stage Lyme Disease I had tried literally every treatment, supplement, and medicine available.  I was very familiar with muscle testing already as I had been training in it for a few years; however, I had not found a practitioner that I really connected with to work with.  It wasn’t until I met one of my healers in San Francisco who practices AK that I was able to really hone in on which treatment was the absolute best for me.  And it was only then that I began to make much more substantial and lasting strides towards health. 

You can throw every food, supplement, or treatment ever created at your body, but if it is not being received, absorbed, or utilized in its fullest capacity, then it is simply just taxing the liver and wasted money.  AK is one of my favorite tools to use with my clients to help them really pinpoint the most ideal foods, remedies, and supplements for their unique bodies.  And it is an excellent way to help us reveal any allergies, sensitivities, toxicities, or weakness one may be experiencing that may not have been evident through traditional testing.

 WHAT IS IT :: Applied Kinesiology, also referred to as muscle testing, is a diagnostic and treatment method based on the premise that various muscles are linked to specific organs and glands.  Strength and weakness in these particular muscles can help the practitioner uncover internal issues such as chemical imbalances, food intolerances and deficiencies, nerve damage, organ or gland problems, injuries, old traumas, and imbalances in the body’s energetic pathways.

HOW IT WORKS :: The human body is made up of a map of energetic + electrical pathways and there is a close communication between our muscles and nerves.  Every muscle, organ and gland sends signals over the nerves in order to communicate and tell the brain its current state and needs.  If messages can travel without interference then this allows for optimal body function.  The opposite is true if the body is in a dis-ease state and communication and messages are unable to travel freely. Then our ability to heal and stay balanced is compromised.  

When our muscles test as “weak” (also meaning diminished nerve signals from the cells, organ or gland system) on a particular point or when a particular food or substance is introduced, it signifies an aversion to that particular food or substance.  On the other hand, when our muscles test “strong”, (or through uninterrupted nerve signals), it signifies an affinity to that particular food or substance.  We are able to utilize this method to test food, supplements, herbal remedies, treatments and therapies.  And we are also able to get even more specific and fine-tune exact dosages of supplements.  When we correct the muscle weakness or lapse in nerve communication, then the body is able to fully restore balance and harmony. 

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