Definite Picture Of Self

to-be-magnetic-Lacy Phillips by Jamie Arrigo

We walk around with many distorted pictures of self.  Created through media, family influence, teachers, heartbreaks, rejection, ego, our own mental chatter, the list goes on and on.  But it is very important for us to find our definite picture of self.  And only from this base of clarity can we start to build on the definite pictures of what we seek in order to manifest what we desire.

For example, when I was twenty-five I had a very limiting idea of self.  I lived in immense lack, struggled professionally, financially, truly didn’t believe I deserved all that I was working towards or what I desired.  Fight or flight was very much my reality.  But when I would sit down in meditation, there was a very subtle notion that would come over me.  A knowing that at thirty everything would even out.  Every birthday, I’d say, “I can’t wait to be thirty.  It’s when things will be steady, I’ll be very comfortable with myself, and my dreams will start coming true.”  I had a very clear image and definite picture of my thirty-year-old self.

Because of that clear image physically and energetically, my life has even surpassed all that I held close for what thirty would look like. I’ve attracted the friends, love, career, lifestyle, spirituality, and most importantly—relationship to self—that I held definite over all that time.   And even more importantly, I attracted partners, mentors, and opportunities along the way that taught me how to arrive and shape this exact reality.

But here is the kicker. Had I at twenty-five held a very definite image of myself at twenty-six with all of those attributes I knew I’d have by thirty, twenty-five would have been a HUGE year of transformation and immense growth.  If twenty-six, during meditation, resonated as strongly, definitely, and clearly the way my thirty year old image had, the universe would have cleared the way and sent me all the tools I needed to morph into the thirty-year-old version of self at the mere age of twenty-six.  I’m clearly grateful for those four years of stretched out growth to have learned the ins and outs of struggle so that I can relate to my clients on a personal and core level - as well as have the necessary tools to set them on a quicker path of transformation.  So in the end, it was a perfect and much needed journey.

But this is why I encourage each and every one of you to set a very definite picture of self.  This is you in your happiest and most confident state of being.  What do you look like?  Don’t concentrate on superficial aspects, but what do you truly look like confident, successful, healthy, happy, filled up with all that you desire?  What does that life look like?  Who is in it?  What are you doing in it? And when you are asking yourself these questions, I really need you to check-in  by assessing, “is this stemming from me truly love myself or is this a superficial intention?”  If it’s superficial or something you think you need for society to respect you, you need to dig deeper to get closer to your core definite picture of self. 

When you desire and act from your core, you are truly living in alignment with source energy.

If you are having trouble navigating your definite picture of self, or seeking tools and practices to align yourself with your definite picture daily, I look forward to connecting over a session. 

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