The High Priestess

free-and-native-graphic-The High Priestess

As of late, everything has pointed to me going inward.  So it's of no surprise that I pulled The High Priestess when drawing my tarot cards yesterday.  A powerful card that urges us to withdraw from the noise of daily life, ask for guidance, and pay attention to our natural psychic ability and intuition.  Silence truly is golden at this time, so here are a few tools to go inward with.

ULEXITE (T.V. STONE) | the stone that helps one to develop their clairvoyance, connects the emotion and mind,  and enables one to see what they are feeling more clearly. 

NORDIC WOOL BLANKET | to stay cozy while meditating. 

TARA HEALING INCENSE | my absolute obsession at the moment. They have been used by shamans and healers in Tibet for hundreds of years. A special blend to relieve stress, tension, insomnia, and depression. They are prepared by hand according to specialized Tibetan doctors and ancient medical text.  And just a tiny bit ground up into sesame oil makes for the most therapeutic massage oil.  Comprised of herbs and fruits, they are very mild in scent and burn forever! I can't get enough of them. 

WEGNER CH25 CHAIR | because it's an absolute design masterpiece. 

COPAL RESIN | the resin from a medicinal tree to the Mayans that is intended to call in good spirits by burning it. 

TIBETAN SINGING BOWL |  to balance chakras, hit theta frequencies, and tap into intuition and creativity more readily. 

LEATHER HOUSE SHOES | to keep the feet warm and the Chi in. 

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