Lake & Skye

What do you get when you combine Kundalini energy, great packaging, and exceptional therapeutic grade aromatherapy blends?  Lake and Skye!  I’ve been using these roll-on for about a month now, and I can always tell that I connect deeply with something when I start to find one in my purse, bathroom, and car.  But it’s when I begin pulling them out and using them at pivotal times throughout the day, that's when I know I’m hooked.

EPIC LOVE | comprised of Geranium with a heart of Jasmine and Rose Damask and a base of Vanilla and Patchouli in Organic Jojoba Oil is my biggest go-to.  Obviously I use it during alluring, sexy times.  But even more often than not, I find myself using it with the mental intention of self-love.  I’m not exactly sure what note of scent–or if it’s all of them combined—that overwhelms me with a sense of vulnerability, calmness, warmth and openness?  But it get's me there.

 “Filled with powerful aphrodisiac essential oils that heighten the senses and create an inner and outer glow. It opens the heart chakra, igniting charisma and magnetism, while increasing feelings of confidence and love, allowing more openness, flexibility and joy.” It’s noticeable.

ILLUMINATION | comprised of Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon, with a heart of Jasmine Grandiflorum and a base of Frankincense, Sandalwood in Organic Jojoba Oil.  This is my purse roll-on. On the go when I feel like I need that extra energetic elevation, it’s like a breath of magical air to roll this onto my points and then proceed into meetings, traffic, lines, whatever might pop in my way. 

“This vivacious blend helps to restore that natural glow from the inside out – it brightens, energizes and elevates. Warmth, playfulness and a presence that can uplift others are evidence of radiance. This blend wipes away emotional strain to refresh the mind, revealing a beaming, radiant being.”  And the scent is another kind of wow.

MOTHER | comprised of Bergamot with a heart of Neroli and Jasmine and a base of Frankincense in Organic Jojoba & Coconut Oil.  This is my meditation partner,  who I turn to before sleep,  and what I rub on my points after a long day.  And vibrationally speaking, reading the name alone sets the intention of compassion and nurturing automatically.

“Motherhood is life magnified, it runs the gamut from chaotic, messy and draining to divine, beautiful and fulfilling. Blended to give that extra support to relieve tension, enable the remembrance of your true nature and relax into the beauty of the present moment. It is the calm in the center of daily life whether you are a mother (to children, animals or plants), trying to be a mother or just need to care for yourself.”

Founder Courtney Somer really created something incredibly special with this line. She left out all the granola fluff, and created aroma perfection. I’m a full convert.  Not to mention it feels like I’m killing two birds with one stone since the blends are completely perfume worthy and noticeable therapeutically shifting tools - that make you proud to display their packaging.

Also, if you have a floral water obsession – as I do – you’ll certainly want to check out Rose to keep in you fridge and refresh yourself throughout the day. 

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