Frame Of Mind

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What frame of mind are you living in?  I’ll give you a hint.  Look around you.  Your life, exactly as you see it today, is 100% a reflection of the frame of mind you live in.  From finances, love, relationship with self, career, and friendships to your exterior are exactly how you feel and believe them to be. 

As energetic beings we are constantly in motion.  How can it be that if we are constantly changing, our environment is not?  Because we believe that our current environment is what we deserve, and so our energy continues to create the cycle we live in.  If you come from lack and have not done the work to move your frame of mind into abundance, then financial struggle you will continue to have.  If you come from a place of never truly loving yourself (lines, love handles, lack of education, what have you), then you won't be in a partnership with someone that you desire/loves you exactly the way you are.

True story. I once dated a wonderful guy that had never acted a day in his life.  I had, at the time, been acting and training for five years.  I lived in the mindset that you had to work very hard and struggle before one worked professionally and consistently. And so that was my reality.  Though his level of talent was incredibly green, he came from a wealthy family with a lot of self-confidence (mindset).  I watched him get a manager in December.  First day of the New Year he said, “I can feel that something big is going to happen this year.  I’m going to get my break.” Two weeks later was pilot season, and his very first professional audition turned into a series regular on ABC Family making $17,000 an episode.  The show lasted five years.  After that day, I never doubted that your frame of mind is truly the most powerful creation of your reality.

Though we can have very convoluted perceptions about how to get out of a rut, it really is as simple (and complex) as doing the deep work to change whatever sabotaging mindset you inherited or have self-created.  Your reality can change this very moment.  But it isn’t as simple as changing your thoughts.  It’s in the deeper work of changing your worth and beliefs. 

If you fall into this cycle, and haven’t—after struggling—been able to get off of the train, let’s pinpoint your shifts, send exact clarity to The Source, and manifest the reality that you deserve.  

Photographer | Jamie Arrigo

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