Sunny Fall Staples


LA doesn't start cooling off until late November. For his reason, fall simply flirts with us in subtle ways. Very select trees have leaves that turn, cooler evenings require a little cover-up, and squashes and root vegetables begin filling up the Farmers' Market. So though I long for wool jackets and sweaters right now, it's best to be grateful for what I do have. Here are the items I'm obsessed with (or coveting) this fall. 

JADE ROOMS | Max and I have been frequenting K-Spas for little weekly recharging dates. Two of my favorite amenities in these are detoxifying salt rooms and healing jade rooms. I recommend trying one near you. 

MOON JUICE COOKBOOK | For the simplicity of having the recipes of your favorite in-store MJ juices, shakes, milks, snacks, treats, and ferments in the comfort of your own home, you are also going to cherish this masterpiece as an everyday kitchen essential for the loads of information, and new recipes like: Immunity Hot Chocolate, Turmeric Cider Pickles and Moon Muesli. It's a dream come true. Pre-order is available now!

MOSS BOTANICALS BALANCE SPRAY | I've had a crush on this company since I first discovered it at Rainbow Market in Ojai. The founder is a Native American body worker that has created perfect essential oil combinations, and sources them from people that really respect the plants. You can feel it with this company. It's at a higher vibration. 

QNOLA | OBSESSED with this Beetroot & Pistachio quinoa granola!! About to run out, so I'm trying to find where I can get more in The States. It's also kind of fun to still have something that isn't super accessible to pine for. You're lucky London. 

AUDI ETRON | after the most emotionally exhausting week of car negotiations, I finally ended up with my dream electric / hybrid car. There isn't a perfect environmental transportation solution yet (aside from a bike), but I'm grateful to be supporting the right direction. Thank you Universe.  

HARRY JUMPER | dreaming of this gold Ilana Kohn jumper. Because nothing shouts warm, bold fall like a gold one-and-done! OBSESSED!

MORLEY HEEL | when wearing these, I literally can't walk down the street without someone saying, "I LOVE your shoes." Grateful that Charlotte Stone designed the perfect bold medium heel that looks amazing with jeans, shorts, dresses, and flowy pants! An everyday staple. 

AUTHENTIC CHYAWANPRASH | as most of you know - from last week's post - this prash is an everyday staple for me all fall! 

REORIENT ROSE & ROOTS | a lot of you saw me swoon over these elixirs last week when I received them. Comprised of precious herbs and flowers, this evening elixir is used to support the process of renewal, clear blockages, and move blood for a refreshed energy, mental clarity, and a lit-from-within complexion. Several of the herbs are detoxifying, calming, and help to promote deeper rest. "Reminiscent of a time when precious herbs and flowers were the most treasured of gifts. Prized even more than jewels, they were savored as healing delicacies and presented as tokens of love and admiration." It's making my victorian heart skip a lot of beats. 

SYNERGIE MASQUE | for everyone looking to give themselves an at-home spa pamper once or twice a week. 

DONABE | Ahhhh!!! I had been wanting this ancient Japanese clay cooking pot for years. Max's friend gifted us one as a housewarming, and it is so divine. We ate so much Japanese food in NYC that I'm inspired to do a lot of Japanese one-pot microbiotic dishes this fall and winter. I'm waiting on the cookbook to arrive, then it's go-time! 

MARLO CLOG | I mean, could anything scream a fall shoe more? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I swap between this and the Morely throughout the day, pending on what I'm up to! 

LETTING GO | My astrologer recommended this to me, and I really can't put it down. My beliefs are deeply in alignment with it. A great tool and read for everyone. 

CHOLO CHICA HAT | for all of those that asked me the question of where my hat was from (on Instagram Video), this is my new daily staple. 

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