You Can't Manifest For Others


This post will be rather short and sweet as it is very simple information to absorb.

You cannot manifest for other people. I.e. you can’t manifest that the person you like falls in love with you, or commits to you, or for your boss to treat you better, or that your parents will shift their behavior. You can’t manifest someone taking the initiative to heal himself or herself, make healthier choices, resolves their addictions, or to do what you think would be in their best interest. The examples could go on and on, and I often get people in sessions curious about manifesting a result from others.

The only person you can manifest for is yourself. The only person you have control over is yourself. And if you’re feeling compelled to try and control another’s experience by wanting to manifest for them, I 100% encourage looking at the silver lining lesson or test as to why this person is in your life. They are here to teach you something, and it is, most likely, something regarding your self-worth, shadow self or other work.

You can only control your journey. When you realize that, everything becomes liberated. You will never change other people. The only way to change another person is to inspire them by doing inner work, manifesting the life you desire, and making choices that support the highest choice for yourself. And by living this way, through inspiration, you will simultaneously attract the most amazing counterparts into your life. 

For those manifesting for themselves and ready to deepen the work, I look forward to connecting over a session.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips