Mollusk • Fall & Winter

You all remember my love for one of my first favorite stores in LA, Mollusk Surf Shop, from my round up back in Spring. Not only am I a huge supporter of their “made in California” initiative – designed in Oakland and manufactured in San Francisco or Los Angeles – but this season I’m extra stoked about their new hemp and organic cotton additions, as well as their knits made in Peru.

Conscious consumerism and clothing is something near to my heart. So watching larger companies, with more pull than very small ones, opting to lead by example and shifting one step at a time to more sustainable choices is inspiring to support, for it has a trickle effect and influence on like-brands.

Uniting community through surfing, art, craft, music, film, selling friends crafts, and visual media by way of hangouts, is an integral element of the company. Community should be the cornerstone of every company, and person. For when there is support and a identity in positive community, the root cause of a lot of negativity in the world dwindles. When you walking into Mollusk, you instantly feel that it’s so much more than just another surf brand. It’s a warm, connected, retro-inspired lifestyle.  

Here are my favorite picks for fall and winter. 

WHITE HEMP V | Three words: EVERYDAY, hemp, and organic! 

COVE CARDIGAN | for the 100% fiber (which is so rare in knits these days), and the beauty of having one staple cardigan to wear over any outfit. Or for pretending like I'm in London. You choose.

BRIGITTE SWEATSHIRT | Sexy, practical, retro, everyday, and tucks in REALLY well to high-wasted pants!

PFEIFFER PANTS | because YES to the cozy wide-leg that can be dressed up, down, or tossed over swimwear. 

AVENUE JACKET | to weather any dewy and damp days (or beach evenings) ahead.

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