Post Manifestation

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Like everything else in life, once we materialize what we’ve been manifesting, the invitation to expand begins; and with it, it’s usually packaged with some growing pains. This is a fine subject to teeter, for it can also be a great excuse to convince one’s self that a test or lesson is actually their manifested subject realized. ** I want to be very clear that this article is about receiving the subject one has actually been manifesting. Not the lesson or test that will present itself beforehand. It will be easy to differentiate because the subject that shows up will be unmistakably what you’ve been asking for without red flags that violate your core needs.

Like crossing any major threshold in life - giving birth, starting a new position, deepening a relationship after the magic wears off by entering true intimacy, moving to a new home - with it comes an invitation to expand further and grow by doing the work. My astrologer Danielle Beinstein phrased this really well, “when you receive what you’ve been manifesting, it’s usually met with a postpartum phase.” 

What I figured out early on in my manifestation practice, which led me to discover my formula, was realizing that we don’t manifest from our thoughts, rather from our deeply rooted beliefs. So manifestation wasn’t as “superstitious” or "off-the-cusp" as all the manifestation literature and jargon out there leads us to believe. There is a greater plan to it all. And I realized that The Universe is assisting us in growing/stretching to our highest version of self in this karmic lifetime. That means that when we take away things like time and space, societal programming, relationship dynamics, or religion-based thoughts, the whole reason The Universe sends us what we want is because we’ve grown our vibration (self-worth) into alignment with what we’ve been asking for.

However, once we receive the manifested subject(s), it isn’t happily-ever-after. That’s not what this work is about. Once we receive what we’ve been manifesting, we are met with a new invitation to grow and expand to a whole new conscious level.

More literal examples of this are when you begin a new job, do you simply exist in it or do you strive to get better and better over time? You do if you want to excel and be more successful. When you commit deeply in partnership – lets say marriage – do you just stop there and exist? This is certainly why the divorce rate is so high. When you make a sports team, do you just show up? No.

Are we seeing a theme here? The reason why we are meant to receive what we are manifesting is because we are literally getting an invitation to stretch, break old inherited cycles, expand our consciousness, and heal past pain. We are mirrored with our exact dose of growth, and if we want the manifestations to continue to get bigger and bigger overtime, don’t coast, do the work!

Recent personal examples are: the grief that came up when I moved in with my partner and let go of my little space of six years that needed to be felt fully. Realizing patterns of mine that needed to be addressed, through work, activated by reaching new levels of deeper intimacy in my relationship.

The bigger the manifested subjects, the more they become an invitation to explore yourself, work on yourself, expand yourself, and consciously shift.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips