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So many of you have heard me rave about my facialist in Portland, Ally Draizin of Heart Of Gold, as she is next level holistic and magic. You've also read her articles here, here and (her most googled) here. But my excitement for this one, in particular, is a few notches above. Those of you that have had the pleasure of getting one of her facials with her products know what I'm talking about!  

Ally's products are a work of art. As an herbalist, she uses her intuition to guide her as to what wild-crafted plants and oils to use. She'll often go in nature to see what plant is communicating to her as to what people are needing. She then spends the laborious weeks after creating them. 

I've been going to K-spa at least once a week and asked if Ally could give me an at home facial routine (as I can't jet up to Portland every other week for her magic). Since following it, my skin has been more hydrated, even, awake, golden, and refreshed, so I had to share it with you! THANK YOU ALLY!

A |  A facial may seem like a mysterious and fancy treat, but in reality the formula for a good facial is simple. It's easy to give yourself a facial treatment at home. There aren't many rules, just make sure you stick with this basic order of operations:

1. Cleanse
My fave is the Coconut Melt Cleansing Balm. It's a blend of virgin coconut & babassu oils, esters for easy rinsing, and extra monolaurin- the main clarifying ingredient in coconut oil.

It's important to apply it without adding water, so it can work it's magic loosening up dirt & makeup. Scoop out a dime-sized dollop and massage it in with (dry) hands to warm. Once it's warmed, thoroughly massage it onto a dry face - taking time and including the eye area, neck & chest. Then wet your hands, massage in briefly to emulsify (it will turn milky), and rinse off with a splash of warm water, or a warm compress.

2. Tone
Yo La Tengo Toner is a cocktail of refreshing spearmint & tea tree hydrosols, with a healthy dose of niacinamide (a soothing, clarifying & graceful-aging B vitamin) and meadowsweet extract- a natural source of gently exfoliating salicylates.

Yo La Tengo is meant to be used as a rinse - applied with a damp cotton round or washcloth. Leave it on, and start the next step while your skin is still damp.

3. Exfoliate
Red Tara Illuminating Mask is a brightening enzyme mask with french red clay, raw honey, firming bamboo silica, calming niacinamide, and a host of soothing & brightening herbs (lavender, calendula, rosemary, redcedar).

Scoop out a quarter-sized dollop and apply a thin, even layer to your face & neck, excluding the immediate eye & lip area. Allow it to settle for 10-15 minutes, then wet your fingertips and massage in gently, using small circular movements. Add water to your fingertips as needed to maintain a good slip. Once you feel evenly polished, use a warm compress to remove the mask.

4. Massage
La Vie En Rose is an antioxidant-rich moisturizing balm with black currant, rosehip, evening primrose, sapote, cranberry, and chia seed oils. Schisandra & rose impart a renewed glow.

La Vie En Rose is a dreamy massage medium. Scoop out a hazelnut-sized dollop, add a recalibrate if you feel drawn to, and massage onto your face and neck using upward & outward strokes, gentle fingertip tapping, small detailed circles, or press upwards rhythmically with the palms of your hands. Youtube has a ton of good facial massage videos, or just do what feels good. Set a timer and massage your face for at least 5 minutes, up to 20 minutes. If the balm has mostly absorbed, you can leave the residue on for the next step. If you feel oily or greasy at the end of your massage, use a warm compress to remove the excess balm.

5. Mask
Privet Rose Cooling Mask is a calming, hydrating gel mask with bulgarian rose hydrosol, fresh aloe vera gel, marula & meadowfoam oil, deeply moisturizing trehalose (a plant sugar) and healing extracts of plantain & chickweed.

Apply a nickel-sized dollop, and allow it to settle for 5-20 minutes. For bonus points, you can apply a cool compress on top, and lie down for a little nap. When you're ready, rinse the mask off thoroughly with cool water.

6. Moisturize
Harvest Moon Oilserum is my favorite moisturizer. It's graceful-aging blend of prickly pear, buriti, marula, camellia and black currant oils sink in quickly while sea buckthorn, chia, ginger, calendula, frankincense & schisandra blanket the skin in a warm veil of sexy-spicy scent, and tons of essential fatty acids & healing actives.

Apply 3-7 drops to a freshly cleansed face & neck, avoiding the eye area (a dab of Sky Compass Eye Balm = heaven around the eyes).

For deeper wisdom, consult or visit Ally at her Portland space Heart Of Gold. I highly recommend the Love Song or Golden Hour treatments. 

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