NATIVE Week No. 21

free-and-native-Thousand Bike Helmet

I've been manifesting a bike since THOROUGHLY enjoying biking in Brooklyn during my last two trips this summer. But I'm deeply afraid of getting nailed, as east LA is not quite bike friendly, especially for the beginner cyclist. As many of my manifestations often do, my perfect helmet popped up out of thin air, alleviating some of my safety fears. And per three simple reasons Thousand Helmet is the best I've found yet. 1. a secret hole to lock your helmet onto your bike when stopping at locations (backed by a Helmet Thief Guarantee, so you don't have to shlep it around). 2. Vegan leather straps that are chic, so there is a conscious appeal. 3. A magnetic buckle that can easily be managed with one hand (no more pinched fingers). 4. Vents, so my hair doesn't get as gross and sweaty (if I'm going to actually make local biking a real habit). 4. Because it's retro and chic! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thought some of you eco-conscious, curious, beginner, novice, or advanced cyclist would like to know. 

I've never been one for dressing up on Halloween, so this is the second year we've opted to do something semi-cultral instead. This is what we're up to on Monday evening. 

Been drinking a pot of this daily to calm the added stress (and upper shoulder tension). 

UM!!! So excited to try. Here's the tool

I've been ODing on sprouted pumpkin seeds as snacks lately. And I forgot how quickly you can see the difference in your hair. 

My jam lately

Very excited to give these ULTRA pure guys a try! I'll keep you posted. 

Did a major closet sweep, so I'm thinking about hosting a zero waste clothing swap before dropping the rest off to homeless on the street. 

I'm so into florals lately

Super inspired that proceeds from this go to Rock Sioux Tribe and Dakota Access Pipeline. It's inspiring me think about how I can make this space a little more charitable. The concept of conscious lifestyle, business, relationships, community, and self are getting louder and louder as I near 32 in February. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips