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Wow! Happy Halloween. Can everyone feel this New Moon in Scorpio energy? When energy is emotional and heavy, such as now, one way I like harnessing it, rather than distracting myself or suppressing emotions, is to take it deeper by allowing everything to come up that needs to be addressed - and cleared - during my Sunday evening breathwork circle.

Max and I walk down our little block every Sunday to Yogala where we are met with amazing community and the most divine teacher, Lauren Spencer King of Fields Of Study. Regardless of how much resistance, grief, laziness, or weighted energy I show up with, Lauren’s deeply sensitive energy, insane playlists, soothing voice, crystals, and essential oils, ensure that I leave a transformed and aligned person.

But the tool that truly does it all is the breathwork practice itself. Unlike any other form of meditation, this incredibly oxygenating, intuitive practice is sure to offer a clearing and healing wherever they may be needed, for it’s a practice that allows one to use their own breath to heal themselves. Some sessions I cry; and others offer the deepest intuitive insight. Though they vary, it’s always exactly what I need.

Two weeks ago I asked Lauren how to practice this at home, properly, as I’m interested in doing it more often than once a week. I’d love to have it as a tool to access whenever I need it. And as all wishes are granted, she’s hosting a 10-day breathwork meditation practice for everyone that’s been curious, afraid to show up in circle, or for those that generally don’t have access. During this process, she teaches us how to create and set up our space, how to practice, and provides music and guided practices of varying lengths. I couldn't think of a better way to kick off Halloween! 

Make sure to always check out Lauren's new workshops here. 

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