Native Week No. 18

free-and-native-floral-dress-flowers-Lacy Phillips

Currently reading this. Prescribed to me by my astrologer

I've got my eye on this hat after leaving mine under a seat on a train in Italy. So excited to finally find something that I love!!

So many asked what tool I was using to roll Nucifera on my face on my Instragram video the other day. It was this

Does everyone follow @shutthekaleup's Instagram videos? I get such great snack ideas from her. 

This has been my theme song all week since Max sent to me on Tuesday. Really into African disco lately. 

Using this for guided breathwork at home.

Have you guys seen these? Trippy. 

Obsessed with my sweet friends Ally Walsh & Casey Wojtalewicz's new coffee line

I'm going to make these super wow fall brownies this weekend (but I'll substitute with coconut sugar). 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips