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So I can’t seem to escape the inspiration to go a bit more zero waste. And it’s thanks to a couple of Instagram accounts that I follow such as this and this one. They are beautiful beings with daily reminders that it’s time for me (and all of us) to make any shifts we can - step by step.

At first, when the guilt that has flooded in - regarding how much “recycling” I’m sending to landfills - finally fades a bit, I realize that it’s not about making all of these shifts overnight. It’s really about taking simple ones, mastering those, then pledging to take bigger and bigger ones, gently and efficiently. At least that is a pace that is comfortable for me.

And though, cleaning supplies, groceries, lifestyle and house habits will be quite simple for me, I can’t completely promise that garments and grooming products will ever be. What I can do is be conscious about where I consume from and make sure that my clothes are recycled properly by donation or gifting to friends. Take this chic company , for example, that up-cycles any excess overstock, damaged, or returned goods and created a series called "Hand Me Downs", which hand darns, hand patches, and re-dye's them in traditional Japanese indigo dye ensuring that each piece is one-of-a-kind and nothing goes to waste (not to mention that they are already non-toxic, naturally dyed, and unisex)!

So here are the baby steps I’ve come up with most recently. I’ll continue to share my journey along the way. 

EXPERIENCES | I've tried to implement giving those I love experiences over tangible gifts. Two most recent experiences were birthdays. For my mom's birthday, we celebrated over a meal and then I took her to MY FAVORITE massage therapist in my local town where we got massages. For a close friend's birthday, last week, I took him to lunch. I'm excited to see how I can continue this during winter holidays?

JARS | I already have the most massive jar collection. Not a jar goes to waste here. Ones from the store get up-cycled and become little homes for nuts, grains, leftovers, smoothies, and so much more. However, my next step - that I'm SUPER nervous about - is keeping one with me in my car for any smoothie or tea runs I might find myself on. To ensure that I stop consuming so many plastic to-go cups. I can't say this will always be perfect, but I'm sure going to try. 

COMPOST JAR | I've used one of these over the last few years. I make sure that anything compostable goes into this jar during the week. Because we are yet to build our garden boxes (coming soon), I use this to toss all my scraps in. Then it goes in the green bin, separated from trash and recycling. I do look forward to the day where I'm using it to actually compost or feed my chickens (like we've always done on my family's ranch). 

BULK REFILL | I've been looking everywhere in LA for a liquid bulk refill station for things such as detergent, Castile soap, etc etc. Nothing has come up, so drop me an email if you have a tip! In the meantime, I did find that Broome Street General Store has Common Good refill options, so I'm going to pop over there with my detergent bottle & hand soap bottles. I look forward to expanding on this!

BIKE | Ok, this has really been in my heart since returning from Brooklyn. I'm in the market for a bike for obvious environmental and health reasons. And rather than popping out and buying new, I'm going to get second hand to comply with zero waste. I have zero clue what to get. I've obviously been drawn to Linus for design. But do drop an email if you know of a better fit: white, retro look, light weight, hybrid! 

THOUSANDS HELMET | To go with my new bike. For so many reasons. You can read about it here

TOWELS | over paper towels. I've done this for years. I also rip old tee's into rags to have for the really messy bits. 

REUSABLE BAGGIES | to carry with me to the markets and health food stores. This way I can use them for produce and bulk bin goods (which will then come home and live in jars). 

TP | swapping my recycled toilet paper for recycled and unbleached! 

For inspired steps you can take, check out this site, this site, and this site

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