Leaning Beyond Our Edge • Consciousness

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In light of such heavy tension, divide and emotion this past year – especially this week – I prefer to continually find my edge. You’ve heard the term “edge” in yoga. It’s when you find your threshold, during a pose, that takes you beyond comfort and complacency into pain and reflection. For me, my biggest intention lately has been to find my edge and go deeper.

Edge for me, like many of you, is fear, anxiety, or pain. All of which usually lead back to a root belief derived by fear. Instead of shying away, taking the road less traveled, or distracting, I walk one step past my edge and I lean in.

If it’s a conversation that I’m afraid to have, I’ll force myself into it with an open heart, open ears, and honesty. If it’s a new project that I’m deathly afraid of, I step into it, breath, and face it. I’m finally consciously ready to face my fears, for beyond the edge is where the expansion is, right?

But this is something to be done gracefully, compassionately, and with great support for myself. I had to become consciously ready. And everyone arrives there differently, if they are meant to, during this lifetime. Therefore, I’d like to share a tool that has been very helpful in allowing me to create space to do this consciously and confidently.

PROCESS | In the morning, I sit in meditation. I close my eyes and visualize a tight bubble around me. Let your intuition choose what color that is for you. As of late, mine has been gold. I slowly visualize my hands pushing the bubble to expand further and further slowly until the radius is beyond the extension of my arms.

Then I visualize a circulatory energy circulating through me and inside the bubble constantly. This energy is continuing to feed me and nourish me over and over and over. In this bubble nobody else’s energy can seep in and mine can’t seep out. It is my own, self-regenerating, warm, healing space that allows me to push past my edge - anytime my edge is activated.

Where is your edge? Are you consciously ready to lean in? If so, support yourself and expand.  

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