NATIVE Week No. 23


I've been using this incredible brass incense holder -- hand-crafted by a 100-year-old Japanese foundry -- and burning Bodha's Grounded incense, comprised of Japanese Cypress, Cedarwood, and Bergamot, to keep me on planet earth after this week's heartbreak.

At this moment community means everything to me, so I'm overjoyed to be heading to SUPER delicious, local & organic Alma Restaurant at The Standard (Hollywood) this Sunday where Canyon Coffee x Alma will be partnering for a brunch! Hope to see you guys there.  

Oh hello fall cheek and eyeshadow. This will be forever on standby in my purse this season.

Loved this article.

LA, if you haven't been to Honey Hi and had their gluten free, refined sugar free chocolate chip cookie yet, I'm kind of happy because they keep selling out by 4p!!!!!! I think it's important to admit, here in group, that I eat two a day. 

For everyone that has been asking themselves, 'what can I do to help Standing Rock?' Well, here you go. 

A YouTube Channel that I zoned out to, and watched every video (and I think you might too). 

On Tuesday, I received Reiki from one of the most beautiful (literally and metaphorically) healers I've met, Lara Elliot. And because she's also receiving her SECOND masters in acupuncture, and she's a trained cranial sacral practitioner, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. It's a very unique experience when a reiki healer works on and has such a deep understanding of each meridian. If anyone is looking for such a healer, search no further!!!!

Madewell sent me this strappy number, and I've been wearing them with a pair of vintage white wranglers that Max scored for me last Sunday at a flea market. 

Cracking into this book this weekend!

That's it! I'm making this

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips