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I’ve been a major fan of Hairprint since I was introduced to their original product, which restores the pigmentation of one’s natural hair color from gray with eight food grade ingredients (read my article here). This is a company that strictly, with deep integrity, relies on the purest organic botanical ingredients; therefore, I’m elated to be sharing their new line of shampoos and conditioners today.

Many of you know that when I made the shift to super clean products, hair was the hardest and last for me.  I tried every shampoo at the health food stores available at the time. Some would leave my hair extra oily, where others would really dry it out.  It took ages for me to find a few staples that I could rely on. Now it’s inspiring that companies like Hairprint are giving us such inspiring purer options. Here are a few reasons why I thought that you guys might be interested in giving them a gander - especially before the drying brittle hair season begins.

OILS | their shampoos don’t have oils in them. Most shampoos contain surfactants (or soaps) designed to remove sebum, the oily coating produced by the sebaceous glands. If you put oil in a shampoo, it washes that off. So it isn’t beneficial to put oil in them.

BOTANICALS & FERMENTS | their shampoos contain unique and specific botanicals that heal, exfoliate, stimulate and soothe the scalp. AND some of their ingredients are fermented! Many plant ingredients are not bio-available to the skin cells unless lactobacillus or other bacteria break them down.

PURE | they use fewer ingredients but more of them. Shampoo labels may list many botanical ingredients and oils, but how much is actually in the product? In many cases, almost none. One-tenth of one percent is not unusual. The workers who make these shampoos call it “fairy dust.” If your hair is 12 inches long, one tenth of one percent of a dab of shampoo means you are putting on 3/1000th of an ounce on 25 sq. ft. of hair surface. It is important to have enough of an ingredient to make a difference. Hairprint measures and adds all of their plant ingredient formulations in percentages, not fractions of a percentage, so these active ingredients are much more concentrated. 

Also, some companies use euphemisms for chemicals. Hairprint doesn’t. They will say “plant cellulose” on the label when the actual ingredient is guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, a quaternary ammonium derivative that leaves film on the hair and scalp and can cause health issues like asthma.

GENTLE & EFFECTIVE | The Bamboo, Amla, Marine Kelp, and Exfoliating Shampoos do not strip the hair, and the conditioners are soothing.

Hairprint produces two other shampoos designed to remove residue, minerals and gunk from one’s hair. If you have a shelf full of products with ingredients you never really understood, you would want to use the Clarifying Shampoo first. If you have well or hard water, you likely have calcium, iron, and/or magnesium in and on your hair, and you will want to use their  Chelating Shampoo first. If your hair turns brassy, (which is caused by iron in the water), Hairprint’s Chelating Shampoo will eliminate the brassy color from the hair.

CHELATING | I personally started off with their chelating shampoo – comprised of some fun ingredients such as radish root ferment, coconut milk ferment, saw palmetto fruit, willow bark, and sea buckthorn fruit – and it left my roots noticeably squeaky clean and shiny.  This felt like a great once-a-week wash to rid my hair of any mineral deposits and all the dry shampoo I use!

BAMBOO SHAMPOO | I’ve been using this low suds, scent-free, shampoo made from fun ingredients such as: bamboo ferment, radish root, coconut milk, pomegranate, hibiscus petals, schisandra fruit, rose of Jericho, white mulberry leaf, and willow bark, more regularly. It certainly leaves my hair more nourished with more bounce and curl than my previous shampoo.

 BAMBOO CONDITIONER | this guy is a real nourisher. I only use it on the very base of my tips since it’s so hydrating. Comprised of targeted ingredients such as: coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, bamboo ferment, evening primrose oil, shea oil, hemp seed oil, and Japanese bloodgrass. I've been quite impressed with the sheen and lack of frizz it's provided my curls. 

If it's a scalp condition you have, Hairprint has you ayurvedically covered. Or maybe longer, strong hair is your goal, then they cellularly have your back! Whatever hair needs you have, Hairprint has a botanical solution in the form of leaves, bark, seeds, roots, petals, berries, and fruit for you! 

This post was brought to you by Hairprint. Thank you for supporting the medicinal companies with integrity that are making a conscious shift in this world. 

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