My Thanksgiving Survival Kit

As I gear up to head north, for the five hour drive to my hometown next week, here are the essentials worth noting and packing. 

DANDELION & QUINCE | WOW!! I'm so impressed with this cookbook. When there's a recipe for pickled pears right out the gate, you know it's going to be a good one. Organized by the author's favorite unusual vegetables, fruits and herbs, recipes like: Smoked Fig Leaf Cookies, Daikon Braised in Black Cardamom Ghee, A Steamed Pear To Soothe A Cough, Blackberry Rye and Rose Cake, and Raspberry and Rose Kvass are sure to knock your socks off. Alice Waters gives it her two thumbs up.

Not only are the recipes a masterpiece but the author Michelle Mckenzie is equally as chic. Needless to say, this is the PERFECT hostess gift this Thanksgiving. That is if it actually makes it to the hostess rather than your own cookbook collection (like it did mine). 

THIEVES OIL BALM | to keep you from catching a cold from any of the runny nosed little ones. A fall and winter staple.

BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH | a. because they are zero waste. b. because they are good looking. c. because they make the perfect eyebrow brush after you've worn them out as your toothbrush. Now that's how we keep plastic ones out of the ocean! 

GOLD DRESS | I have my eye on this guy. If it compliments my skin tone when I try it on later this week, then I've found my TG getup. 

SAMIA HEELS | self explanatory. They're everything. And will look amazing with jeans and so forth after the holiday. 

SHIVA ROSE FACE SCRUB | this is my new faaaavvvooorriiitteee scrub!!!! It's comprised of the traditional Ayurvedic ingredients - chickpea & rose petals - with the secret ingredient of saffron. I wet my face and apply as a masque it until it dries. Then I gently exfoliate as I'm rinsing. It leaves the softest skin with a subtle golden glow. And it's so pure that you can eat it! 

LUNAR OIL | with a formula of: olive oil infused with organic chamomile, hops, lavender, mugwort, and rose petals, this is the PERFECT travel oil to keep you calm during certain family dynamics and politics. It's also a beautiful tool to help you drift off to sleep in a bed that isn't your own. And more fun, it promotes lucid dreaming. So, in short, it's ben my favorite little bedside tool. I'm equally as obsessed with the company's other products

BATH SOAKS | for keeping me grounded away from home. I always pick up minerals or bring them with. I'll give myself a little masque (above), rub oils on my points (above), and soak for 20 minutes. Not only does this help me detox but also keeps me calm and centered. 

PODCAST | if you'll be traveling by car and you're a health-nut, like I am, then you'll certainly love tuning into this podcast. It's my go-to for road trips. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips