Transition, though sometimes hard to recognize, is a beautiful space to be in for it's an open space for the new and divine to enter through.

I say that transition can be hard to recognize for it can be largely masked as apathy, depression, stagnation, or resistance. When we enter a true space of transition or newness, it is very easy to not understand exactly what we are, for the uncomfortable periods of times listed above can seem to be what is actually going on rather than the clarity of a transitional portal. 

As we get ready to enter into December - and round out the last of fall - we will seamlessly fade into winter, which is our ultimate opportunity to go inward and reflect. Just as effortlessly as the seasons slide from one to the other, we can take their guidance and do the same. Though it may seem that this season, riddled with holiday commercialism, is overshadowed by overeating, overspending, and overstimulation, those energies actually create resistance for us to tap into what is going on inside of us. They also create a lot of false anxiety around doing more, resting less, and measuring or validating ourselves through exterior sources. 

I'm personally in a major phase of transition. I've accomplished so much of what I set out to do three years ago, so I'm met with a beautiful opening of newness. Though I'm in an inward phase with less interest in connecting with a community, and slight apathy, the awareness that this is actually a time of transition makes it all very inspiring. 

I will share with you exactly what I share with my clients who are in this really magical space. Don't control it. Work with The Universe and lean into your exact, unique flow. The last time I was in this space, I had just quit my miserable teaching job and asked The Universe to show me what's next for, "I'd never work for another person again." I got quiet. I indulged in my absolute favorite interests and activities, and I waited in trust for signs from The Universe to show me what would be next.

And look what magic came out of navigating that space properly! Don't control transition. Give it to The Universe, listen, do the work, and let the rest fall beautifully into place. 

1. Take absolutely EVERYTHING off your plate that is excess. 

2. Most importantly, ask The Universe to show you clarity as to where you're headed next. 

3. Go inward. Rather than distracting (shopping, dating, eating), ostrich-ing (pretending nothing is going on), or suppressing (spiritual bypass: "be positive") the uncomfortable space that transition brings about, meditate...meditate...meditate. Get quiet often and be present to all the silent intuition and downloads that you'll receive at this time. Remember, The Universe is always communicating with you. It's your job to listen. 

4. Feed your soul. I often hear people in translation lacking either of these two basic fundamental human needs for self-esteem: challenge and inspiration. During periods of transition, there is such a miraculous opening for newness. So rather than stagnating energy, I like to channel it into new challenging tools or tasks (pottery, drawing, yoga, etc), and I like to expose myself to the arts (ballets, exhibits, films, plays, concerts, and reading) for inspiration in a major map and key into what will await after transition has completed. 

5. Do the work. Like anything metamorphosing, a transition will feel like a cocoon-like state. Honor that with transformation.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips