A Cloud For Control • Consciousness


As stated yesterday, transition can leave us heavy, gray and confused. And that is perfectly normal. It’s also worth noting that it takes time and experience to tap in, ask The Universe for clarity, and trust in the answer. But transition is a major act of letting go of control.

Before parting with my ex, who is such an incredible human being, I had gotten insight for quite some time that it was time to be fearless and trust in The Universe. Five and a half years in, his family that I loved deeply, and being 30 left me in a space of fear of what I knew had to be done for both of us.

Before drifting to sleep one evening, in that sacred space between conscious and unconscious, an external voice gently said, “you have to leave.” It startled me awake, and I couldn’t shake it. A week later, I attended a group meditation led by a medium in Venice that a friend randomly invited me to. After the meditation, the medium went around giving a tiny reading to each of us. When it was the first person’s turn, the medium said, “your grandmother Daisy is behind you and would like to say…” The woman turned white from the accuracy. I was the third person. She said, “you have a row of women soldiers behind you. They are showing me that it’s time to be strong and strap up. That’s why they are in uniforms. You are in-between a big decision. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but they are showing me that if you go, you are going to land on a huge cloud of white pillows. Meaning it’s going to be beautiful and safe. You have nothing to be afraid of.”

Within that same week, a friend pulled my cards and everything pointed to leaving and transition. This was the beginning. I was in that transition for the next five months. Transitioning from us to me. From we to I. From two to one. It didn’t become crystal clear to part until that five-month mark.

The medium was right after all; I was met with beautiful white cloudy pillows of what I had called in. And my ex, being such a beautiful soul, seems to have been met with the same, which I’m overjoyed for.

I say all of this because transition comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be beautiful, bittersweet, dark, scary, adventurous, igniting… There seems to be a blur as to when it begins and where it ends. Transition feels continuous and abstract because it’s a bit like a veil over your eyes.

That’s what makes transitions so mysterious. But make not mistake that it is a very crisp and divine happening. I’ve never gone through a transition that didn’t lead me to a more magical place.

Here is the little visual meditation to keep one grounded during the mysterious magical open portal that is transition.

PROCESS | Sit quietly. Alone preferred. Visualize a large fluffy cloud. Let it gently move and take shape how it is supposed to. Now take all the questions you’re having about your transitional period and place them in the cloud. Where are you being fearful? What are you fearing? Place them in the cloud. They aren’t your responsibility. Once you’ve put everything burdening you in the cloud, let it gently float up to The Universe. As it floats away let it carry those things with it.

Gently bring yourself out of your meditation. As you do, ask yourself what soul feeding things would you like to do for yourself? Mine are always the arts or self-care. What are yours? Go do them. Repeat as often as needed. Visually giving over control can be very helpful for the controlling.

Transition is also a very important time to feel your feelings fully. Letting them wash over you. Honor the process. In the end, it's always very knowing and magical. In hindsight. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips