NATIVE Week No. 22


CAN'T wait to visit all my favorite crafters, herbalist, and healers this weekend at Mercado Sagrado. From Moon Juice, to Reiki, to sound baths, to rugs, it's going to be a true event! See you guys there.

For those on Instagram Story that have asked where my hat is from

Whoa, has everyone tried these crackers? Picked them up this week and can't stop spreading raw, pasture raised butter on them. Barley equally approves. 

Made this salad last night for GEM+REMEDY and I. 

VOTE this Tuesday!!! I've heard too many friends say, "I'm not voting for either of these clowns." Regardless of the candidates, there are some very important ballot measures. I sent my ballot in yesterday. Here's a great nonpartisan guide for California!

This special interview with the coolest mom I know. 


Winter essential (in L.A.)

Max got this read in the mail. And I'm thinking about stealing it. 


Manifestation with Lacy Phillips