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At this point, we all know that stress is the root cause of many problems and when unmanaged physically, emotionally, internally, and spiritually, we are living in a constant state of resistance, contraction, tension, inflammation, and imbalance, which ultimately causes our lives to feel unmanageable. Remember that there are always holistic intelligent solutions that are here to support us, especially going into the internal seasons of slowing down and rest. 

As a vata and an air sign, stress is a constant factor in my life. I have an overactive mind so my thoughts never stop, any type of stimulation feels taxing, and on top of it all, I’m a workaholic. This is a recipe for adrenal fatigue; and that’s how I got where I am – in a constant state of soothing my nervous system and supporting my endocrine system. So managing my stress has become a MAJOR daily priority for me in the last four years. I’ve tried quite a few physical, mental, herbal, and energetic practices, and these are the ones that I find the most supportive right now. They’ve attributed to deeper sleep, less crashes, higher immunity, and a calmer nervous system.

VEDIC MEDITATION | twice daily. Twenty minutes after the gym and twenty minutes at my 3-4p crash. Even if I skip the morning, I never ever skip the afternoon. By this time I’ve taken in as much stimulation as I can possibly handle and if I don’t sit in this meditation for twenty minutes, to soothe my nervous system by calming my mind, releasing natural endorphins and rebooting my overall system, I pay for it dearly. First with a major crash of fatigue, second with sugar and carbohydrate cravings, and third by being dreadfully grumpy and tense all evening.

NERVINES | during any time of stress, herbally, I’ll turn to nervine herbals for support – especially in the form of teas during fall and winter. As of late, my favorite has been Stress Ease by Traditional Medicinals. Traditional Medicinals has been a household staple, in our family, dating back to my grandmother who always kept a few varieties stocked in our Santa Cruz house at any given time. Rosemary Gladstar, one of my favorite herbalists of all times, was one of the founding members, and it’s also worth noting that they use pharmacopoeial grade herbs (medicinal grade). They also source herbs from the herbs’ native habitats to ensure balance in the plant’s active compounds, and each herb’s identity, strength, and purity is tested before use. And I’m really inspired by their initiatives abroad to support and nurture underprivileged communities. So If I’m going for teabags, I turn to them.

I’m a huge fan of Stress Ease during my 3p crash, and a cup when I wrap up my day of work. This is because of its main herb, skullcap, which is beautiful for relaxing stress related tension. It’s also nervous system toning, and irritability/nervousness relieving without promoting drowsiness. It’s my perfect stress buster (especially because I carry all of my tension in my shoulders).

For mildly stressful days, I’ll sip on their Chamomile with Lavender, to relax my nervous system, for this tea is especially helpful with relaxing my digestive system, which is easily thrown off by stress.

However, if it’s been an extra tense day, say clients, blog, meetings and deadlines, I’ll sip nervine teas throughout most of my day. My routine goes as follows: 1p Lemon Balm, 3p Stress Ease, 6p Stress Ease, and before bed - to ensure a deep uninterrupted night of sleep - I’ll drink a Cup Of Calm for its deeply calming, stress reducing, and relaxing superstar formula of: passionflower, chamomile, English lavender flower, catnip, and rosemary leaf. This tea will usually be sipped in a relaxing Epsom salt bath to externally and internally prepare for a calm and restorative evening.

BRISTLE TAP | this is the most bizarre physical action I do to break up extra stressful tension and energy in my shoulders. That’s right, I get out my paddle hairbrush (stay with me), and I use the side with the bristles to lightly tap my shoulders, neck, jaw line, scalp, and face. I’ll do it until I feel that all of my tightness and tension has broken up and released. I even use it on my palms and the bottoms of my feet. I find this to be the most effective physical support I’ve ever tried next to receiving a neck massage. It’s pretty astonishing.

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