Debunking Manifestation Tools and Superstitions

Lacy Phillips


One of the many reasons that I feel I was put on this planet is to demystify the EXTENSIVE superstitions regarding manifestation (and boy are there many). Too many to cover in this article alone, but let’s try to hit the most common ones I run into with my clients.

If you’ve worked with me or you’ve sat in workshop with me, you know that I have zero tolerance when it comes to manifestation superstitions. Mostly, because they hold us back and inhibit us greatly, which comes from many years of frustration having carried them out myself with little success. My formula for manifestation varies fundamentally from most of the manifestation literature and jargon that is popular, common knowledge, for I practice and teach that manifestation is belief based – conscious and subconscious root beliefs – rather than the common misconception of “thought” based.

The pitfall these manifestation superstitions set you up for is that if you don’t have a certain tool, do it at the right time, or in a ceremonial way, then it won’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. Then I stopped using them all. And my formula works beautifully and effectively without them.

NEGATIVE THOUGHTS | negative thoughts will not push away nor decipher what you manifest. Negative thoughts are a beautiful invitation, inviting you to dig deeper to discover a root belief and shift it. Welcome them. Let them pass through you fully. Then do the work. 

CRYSTALS, SAGE, PALO SANTO, YADA YADA | now, though these tools serve multiple and instrumental functions in many ways of healing, they are NOT necessary when manifesting. If you prefer to have them around, and work with them, beautiful, but you DO NOT NEED them and they WON’T determine what you manifest. 

NEW MOON | yes, astrologically, the New Moon is a very special time to plant new seeds and harness the energy of that specific New Moon. However, if you make your list on a random Tuesday at 2pm, it is registered just as clearly with The Universe.

GUILT | “I should be grateful for what I have and not want more.” Sure. But I do believe that we are physical beings in the physical plane therefore we deserve to have our physical needs and wants met. I have no ceiling for this. If you do, that is a superstition and belief that will limit you.

KARMA | yes, I believe in karma. But I also believe in many forms of healing karma such as forgiveness, tithing, paying off karmic debts, honesty, and so forth. Karma isn’t the reason why you aren’t manifesting something. You aren’t manifesting something because you have a root limiting belief, low self-worth, or you’re willing to settle rather than trusting that The Universe will realize your manifested subject. Many mistake lessons and tests for karma. Pass them and do the work, and your manifested subject will realize.

VORTEX | “you need to be in the vortex,” also known as ‘vibrational alignment’. Boy is that abstract. How does one get into vibrational alignment? You get clear, and do the work to raise your self-worth and limiting beliefs!

So, you see, this superstition list can go on and on. The truth is, from tried and true trial and error, I know firmly that you can manifest anything you desire (if it’s not from a low-vibe ego space). The only tools you need are: clarity, a list, to expand your beliefs, and to pass the lessons and tests that come from expanding them.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips