Zero Waste Wrapping


This is a little variation of a post that I write nearly yearly. When I dig through my life of little tricks, I realize that aspects of me have been pretty zero waste since it became mainstream. Though admittidly, I’m still struggling with tough elements like to-go smoothies, I am proud that I’m conscious and feel guilty each time, and I barked at Max last week for buying a plastic water bottle when we could have filled up our glass ones from home.  So it’s happening. Some quick, some slower. But absolutely happening.

Anyway, this is my post to inspire zero waste wrapping. Something I’ve done for years. Mainly, come to find out that zero waste wrapping is just more attractive and creative looking than the traditional more harmful to the environment methods. Here is a post from years ago, which will further some ideas.

My concepts around zero waste wrapping.

FABRIC | start with old or scrap fabric rather than paper. It’s more chic. We just recently had a pillow reupholstered in brown alpaca, so those scraps are my chicest fabric being used. Max also took a lot of his scraps from the OLDERBROTHER studio, since it’s a company that is about as little waste as possible, and brought home different ones for me to use (such as the cotton photographed above). I even use old linen towels, and a fitted sheet of ours that just got a large hole.

TRASH | I receive a lot of packages to sample for this journal, and I don’t know if it’s the poor Irish girl inside me, but I tend to save a lot of the packaging. From boxes, to jute string, to fancy paper, to cotton string, to little baggies objects come it. It all goes to gift wrapping (such as the string you see pictured above).

CARDS | I’ve NEVER been a card person, ever. If I have words to write on a gift, they are usually instructional – such as mineral properties and how to use them. Therefore, I’ll find a nice gold pen and write it on the inner wrapping.  

GARNISH | If I were a bow maker, I’d make bows. But I’m more of a forager that grabs anything within reach. Therefore, I tend to use the tiny bits that break off my crystals such as mini selentite wands. I also love using flowers, holly, berries, trimmings from a tree, succulents. Really it’s infinite, and much more chic.

TAPE | I HARDLY use tape unless it’s truly needed. I fold, or hand stitch most items. For the hand-stitching, I just take a very big needle and make fun long stitches that look like a kid did them. Otherwise, I simply fold and use string to tie it.

HUGE | If it’s a very big gift that is going to take a lot of wasted materials to wrap, I hide it and make a fun little treasure hunt out of it with notes that are written on any type of recycled paper I have.

I’ve been deemed the coolest wrapper in my circle a few times. Trust the process, and use what you have! For inspo, Pinterest.  

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