Zero Waste Holiday Gift Guide


This year I was inclined to focus on gifting experiences due to all the amazing people out there inspiring me through the zero waste movement. And I have to be honest, there has definitely been an experience to gift every single person on my list. Not only that, but it’s been a lot less wrapping!

Here are some of the experiences that I gifted, and a few extras to inspire you!

MASSAGE | both of my parents will be benefiting from this. And there is a WONDERFUL therapist in my hometown. It makes me extra excited to support her as well.

FACIAL | a couple of max’s relatives will be enjoying the best holistic facialist that I know, Ally at Heart of Gold.

iTUNES | credit to download a few audio books!

VACATION | I’m gifting Max a fun secret getaway to a motel in March that we both haven’t stayed at. He’s extra into the experience gift over the tangible ones. All of his other tangible gifts are vintage collectables. So I’ve gone fully zero waste on him.

DINNER | both my dad and grandparents are scoring certificates to our favorite restaurant in my hometown.

Gifts on my wish list

ENERGY SESSION | reiki and healing work from the uber talented Lara Elliot.

ASTROLOGY SESSION | from the most grounded astrologer I know, Danielle Beinstein.

RA MA TV | I think that gifting anyone a yearly pass to RA MA TV is one of the most valuable gifts anyone can receive. If they are into kundalini, of course.

MANIFESTATION SESSION | I secretly wish I could be in your shoes and call myself as I hardly take time to focus on myself. A sincere thank you to those of you that have gifted your loved ones sessions this season.

AYURVEDICTREATMENTS | with Kari from Poppy & Someday. You hearing this Santa? 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips