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I first stumbled upon Field Trip this last spring while in Portland. Kara Green transplanted there by way of Brooklyn with her husband and two children, and has certainly created everyones' FAVORITE Portland shop. Because she supports so many of the artists and creators that I love, I asked her to create this gift guide. It's perfect for stockings, family, friends, the mystic, the hostess, and everyone in between. If you find yourself in Portland on December 28th, do make sure to join us at Field Trip for I'll be holding a complimentary lecture on manifestation. Hope to see you all! 

K | Field Trip is a lifestyle shop and workshop space located in Portland, OR.  We love our community and look to connect people by offering creative workshops and self-care classes like meditation, tarot, and essential oil education to help our community support themselves.  All our products are handmade in small batches and are carefully curated.  We've created this space to invite everyone to be a part of something bigger. Here are a few of the products that I find to be perfect holiday gifts this season!

Bodha Calm Oil + Diffuser | This geranium, sage + lavender base oil has been a lifesaver for me in anticipation of the upcoming holidays.  It is incredibly calming and soothing.  I add a few drops (with water) into the beautiful Bodha diffuser, light the tea light and let the scent calm my nerves.  The ceramic diffuser is one of the best designs I’ve seen out there, and I love that it not only makes a room smell amazing but looks beautiful as well.  

Living Libations Sandalwood Best Skin Ever | I am not exaggerating when I say this oil has completely changed my skin.  I have spent the last year cleaning up my skin regime by cutting out all chemicals, and this oil has been a huge helper with inflammation and hormonal breakouts that have happened, as I'm getting older.  Within a week of using this daily, my skin is brighter and clearer (and it smells divine which is really important since it's going on your face).

You are a Message by ProgG | This book is truly inspirational for those creative entrepreneurs.  Each page has a short quote that provides a great starting point to meditate on.  It forces you to think outside the box and push yourself on so many levels.  I ask the universe what I need to become aware of that day and randomly flip open a page and use that as my daily guidance.  Here is one of my favorite quotes, "You are not just selling a product, a service, or an experience. You are creating a world, a space of freedom for others. Your job is to make your world so amazing that everyone in your market wants to be a part of it." 

Moondeli Calming Adapotgen | I’ve always loved ashwaganda as it helps you adapt to stress and gives your unique body what it needs. It works on your entire system (hormones, immune, nervous; etc) to help balance it out. This one has a nice chai flavor (cardamom, cinnamon, yum) and tastes great in warm nut milk. I drink it before bed to help with sleep and support my hormones throughout the night.  

Mimi Indigo Napkins by Caroline Z Hurley | I have been inspired to create less waste at home (thank you Lacy), and a big step for us was getting rid of paper towels and napkins.  These linen napkins are beautiful and get better and better as they are washed. The napkins are hand-dyed and come from one of my favorite textile designers out of Brooklyn. 

St Olio Cleaning Spray No.3This essential oil based cleaner has been my go-to for all surfaces around my house.  The juniper woodsy scent makes your home smell like a spa!  The glass bottle is reusable and every batch is handmade by a local Portland friend who uses only the purest oils. You won't want to go back to old cleaners after using this. 

Willful Goods Set of 3 Wooden Spoons | These spoons have such a cool modern twist on a classic. Each one is hand dipped into a beautiful food safe rubber - giving them a fun pop of color.  These have been my go-to house warming gifts for friends and family this past year.  

Wilson Keyring by Craighill | This new Brooklyn based company has created this beautiful keyring that is perfect for anyone in your life. These have been a best seller for me not only because they are well designed, but a great price and in classic colors that everyone loves.

La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray | Everyone that comes in to Field Trip comments on how lovely the scent is and my secret is Palo Santo. I’ve been obsessed with this scent since opening my shop and have managed to attract some amazing products that have Palo Santo, including this salt spray. I was lucky enough to meet Stefani in person on one of her trips up to Portland and grabbed her shampoo and spray right off her that night.  I had been a big fan of her salt spray, using it multiple times a day since summer, and now am so thankful that I get to carry her line in the shop.  It creates the perfect texture and of course, smells amazing!

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