NATIVE Week No. 25

to-be-magnetic-book-native week

My absolute book obsession right now is Flower Evolution! From learning how flowers radiate energy that tunes our body to the major healing each flower elixirs (essence) is capable of (such as shifting limiting beliefs). This is going to be the floral obsessed's favorite book of 2017. Hold onto your hats because it goes through each flower individually, what they activate, their message, and exactly what their essence does to you. Major holiday gift hack here for the spiritualist, the gardener, the feminine, and the wellness enthusiast! 

Oooooohhhhh! Very excited to try this spot. Thanks for the rec. GEM + REMEDY

Give this a go. 

Definitely on my xmas list

For the heady ones (like me).

Garance Dore has gone wellness, and I'm interested. 

Whoa! Recipe inspo x 100. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips