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You Are A Creator

You were born a creator. That is a fact for everyone.

Then you were taught how to be a survivalist through caretakers, environment, family, media, education, and real-life experiences. They shaped your structure of beliefs and created a very intricate belief system in your subconscious mind. Some people were taught to believe that they could be expanded and deserving in certain ways but not others. Some were programmed to believe that they couldn’t be expanded in any ways.

Survivalists are like a ball of hard clay. They got this way because they had to be sturdy enough to weather any problems – to survive.

Consciousness is like the water that comes to rehydrate the clay. It’s the knowing that at any time a survivalist can soften and open up to being a creator.

And beliefs are the hands that shape and remold the clay, after being rehydrated and softened, to assists by creating anything the creator believes and desires.

Survivalist’s operate in: fear, me, I, not enough, scarcity, jealousy, territorial, not good enough, could never have…

Creators operate in: trust, we, us, plenty (to go around), ours, deserving, constantly expanding, it’s on its way…

And sometimes the consciousness of knowing that everyone is a creator is a powerful enough seed that plants a massive shift in belief.

Softening back into our natural creator state is a constant and beautiful life-long process. This is what people mean when they say, “working out our karmic path in this lifetime.”

And one of the very first actions that can quickly take you out of survivalist mode into a creator state is beginning to see the humaness and compassion in everyone, for their survivalist behavior is a reflection of experiences and people that turned them into survivors.

A personal example of this for me recently has been shifting aspects of my survivalist mentality - my territorial behavior - through doing the work. I, like you, am an onion that is constantly peeling layers. (life-long process of expansion)

When I was little, I was passed from house to house all week long. Mom’s, aunt’s, grandma’s, and dad’s. Getting to a root memory that created territorial survivalist behavior was when I came home from school, around age 7, and I wanted to ride my bike. This was a very special bike that had been my dad’s beach cruiser when he was little that he had grown up riding it in Santa Cruz during the summers. As a gift, he had restored it and painted it pink for me.

I asked my mom if I could ride it, and she explained to me that the bike, along with a lot of my other toys, were taken away in storage because she couldn’t pay for the storage any longer. I was a really adaptable kid by then due to all the moving around, so like most children I suppressed it, bottled it up, and seemingly moved on per usual.

Examples such as these, big and small, are how we harden and turn into survivalists. This is how one believes that anything meaningful they have can be taken at anytime, so they protect and project territorial behavior in their unconscious adulthood. Manifestation work is the simplicity of softening back into expanded creators. 

This is exactly why anytime you've "manifested" through a vision board, visualization, and thinking positively haven't resulted in receiving it. That is a bandaid, so like anything holistic, it's about healing, expanding, and shifting the root. In this case (manifestation), beliefs. 

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