Weathering The Weather


Thursday Max and I depart for Portland for ten days. Then somewhere secret, to me, for New Year's Eve. I imagine it will be nippy as well. Theeeennnn to NYC in January and February, so I've finally lined up my cold weather troopers to jet around with. 

TRANSPORT WEEKENDER | this has easily become my favorite travel bag. 

LINNE BODY BALM | loving this ultra chic and clean company. This balm keeps my body hydrated with target ingredients such as: meadowfoam, avocado oil, bergamot, geranium, and beeswax! And each product has a batch number along with an expiration date signaling how fresh and pure it is. LOVE the design, and that everything is organic or wild-harvested. Amazing all-around!

WELLNESS SET OILS | a headache and tension relief oil as well as an oil for rest and lucid dreaming. On the go, what more could one ask for?

LONDON TEA CLUB | Attention to anyone looking for a last minute gift this season for the tea enthusiast!!!! Who doesn't want to receive elegant teas from around the world monthly? I'm selfishly keeping this one for myself because I don't drink. due to adrenal issues, so keeping one of these little vials with me makes any celebration a cozy one. 

NUCIFERA | Not a day goes by that I don't use this. It really is the most nourishing versatile and hydrating product. I've been known to use it to cleanse my face, hydrate the tips of my hair, and even for sexy time. At the moment, it is my favorite mask to wear in the shower and bath for it truly does pull out old impurities when accompanied by the steam of those two experiences. And it's the deep hydration I need. ANDDDD there is a travel size now!

VINTAGE CABLE SWEATER | look, I love style and I'll certainly be traveling with trendy pieces; however, my day to day look will be what is listed in the photo. I HATE being cold, so I love my vintage uniform. Max scored this sweater years ago at the Rose Bowl, and I've since taken it over. 

LEVIS | they have been popular forever because nothing compares. Currently, I'm in constant rotation of two orange tab pairs of 550's, and 501's from the 80's. Note that I always have every pair tailored to size. My tailor charges me about $9/ pair. Any dry cleaning tailor can do this. 

LEATHER CARRYALL | when it's winter and I'm in bulky gear, I hate wearing a purse. It feels too masculine feminine to me, so I love a good carryall case. As of late, I only tote this and my keys in my coat jacket!

OLIVE + ANI DEODORANT | If you're a coconut enthusiast like me, you'll go coconuts for this natural deodorant. 

HURRAW | If you think you're noticing a theme here, you are. I've jumped on the bandwagon and I'm OBSESSED with this coconut chapstick. Hands down. 

ATMAN OIL | my fragrance for five months running. Not a day goes by that I don't get a compliment on it. With active notes of Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Neroli, Frankinsense & Tulsi, you see why. It also promotes a meditative state.   

CONCENTRATE REPAIR BALM | to do all the heavy lifting and repair at night after the wind and drying cold have had their way with my face during the day. 

BUCKLE BOOT CLOG | Every year I get really fancy boots. A birdie just told me that these will be here before NYC. But nothing compares, for three years running, to these chic clogs that can weather any rain, snow, or cold!

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