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You all know about my love for neuroplacticity, and the profound ability each of us have to shift our beliefs, patterns, and blocks. Bicoastal hypnotist Morgan Yakus, who you first met earlier here, is my go-to hypnotist. I refer MANY of my clients to work with her when I detect that they  are in need of shifting some very important patterns blocking their manifestations. I'm overjoyed today that Morgan has offered to share some generous hypnotic tips that we can all implement during this holiday season. Whether it's navigating tense family dynamics, or lowering the volume on social anxiety before parties, these tips are incredible to have in your back pocket. Thank you Morgan.

M |  We spend a lot of time telling our brains what we can't or shouldn't do, and create negative scenarios. Thoughts create chemicals in the body, which then have physical manifestations. When creating negative thoughts, images and feelings we instruct our brain to carry out negative actions. You can use that same skill for good. You are actually in control and when you talk to yourself in a positive way, you can create positive outcomes in your mind. The brain will start to work towards the state you desire. By having positive thoughts, visuals and feelings you can show your mind what you would like to create in any situation and the body can follow.  

The first step when you experience a block is to ask yourself, "Is this block visual (movie or image), audio, feeling or a combination?" When you know the source, the block is easier to dissolve.

Blocks are layered like onions; in my field we say neurons that wire together fire together, creating a tendency to fire together again, thus forming a habit or a loop. Thanks to neuroplasticity! Luckily, neuroplasticity means our brains are capable of change. Over time the nuroplasticity in the brain will change, which will create the new patterns you want. When you shift, your relationship to the environment will change. 


Pattern Interruption is the best option in any situation, when the pattern, loop or negative thought arises. It will show up as an audio, image or movie.

Interrupt yourself right away by creating the opposite positive audio, image or movie. Take a walk around the block, drink some water, or take five deep breaths. While your doing that, create the positive version of the image or audio in your mind. Any of the options below can be used as a pattern interrupt. 


If there is a person that makes you uncomfortable, turn them into a silly cartoon and shrink it down and dissolve it.

Just the idea of it will make you laugh and your brain will reference them differently next time. 


If you’re nervous about a future situation, see yourself going through the situation in an optimal state and having a positive outcome.

If there is an activity or task that feels daunting, imagine completing the task with a positive state. 

This activity gives your brain a visual to follow. 


Stay in the present and respond from where you are in that moment. Don't visit negative past situations, as that will bring up old neural networks. Only design positive future scenarios, creating negative ones will only cause stress. 

You haven't arrived in the future yet, so might as well design something positive. 


Tell your brain the positive version of what you would like it to do. Most likely if you’re feeling negative or stressed, then you have been creating negative thoughts. Talk to yourself in the same way in which you would talk to friends, family members, or a partner. 


If there is a loud or negative audio, find the switch in your mind and turn it down, off, or dissolve it. Sounds silly but it works in less than ten seconds!


Ask what you might need in that moment to have a shift into a happier place. Usually your mind will present an answer. 


An active meditation to show the mind what you would like to create.


Dancing for even five min will create a positive shift in body, bringing in a new perspective.

Plus exercise is always good!

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For those interested in working with Morgan, visit her site, or keep up with her on Instagram

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