A Sacred Kitchen • Consciousness


The kitchen is such a special place. It’s truly the life force of a house, in my opinion. Do you ever notice that when people are over, no matter where you intend for everyone to connect, without fail, it ends up being in the kitchen? This is why I believe that it deserves the extra mindfulness that we bring to the rest of the house. Cooking has become a bit of a ceremony for me.  This only registered a few years ago. I guess in the same way that people pray at a table? However, mine begins the moment I start creating.

This is the ultimate version of infusing each meal with love.

PROCESS | I light a bit of copal or sage in the kitchen before I begin. I take a moment, quietly, to close my eyes and give gratitude for everyone and everything it took to produce this food for me. From the farmers, to the animals, to the water, to the drivers; etc. I pay tribute, acknowledgement, and most of all, mindfulness.

More than anything, I believe that this begins the digestive process in advance. I believe that it helps us to align with the energy of what we are about to consume, which prepares the body to absorb the nutrients more easily through mind body connection.

And lastly, this helps me to get present in both my body and the experience of cooking. Rather than allow my mind to drift off to a thousand different places. Like everything else, cooking is a mediation. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips