Nighttime Healing by Cathryn Fowler


I believe connecting with the self is critical, it’s crucial to live a life fruitfully, abundantly, and in authenticity. We need this time to remember who we are, why we were created, and our passions; our core values.

Furthermore, I feel like we all have an innate calling to love others. For me, my whole life and hope is to live out a full demonstration of pure love, bringing all I meet on my journey into this manifestation, this illustration of enchantment.  But for me to do that, for us to do that - well and whole-heartedly - we have to love ourselves too. This comes through self-nurture. For me personally, to achieve this, I carve out time for self-connection. So I turn to my rituals.

My mornings and my evenings are my special time.  My time to fill my vessel, my temple, so that I can help others fill theirs. (My evening rituals start early in the day, for starting the day off with sunshine, movement in some form of exercise, and cutting off the caffeine at a certain time definitely all help me to maintain my anxiety and stress levels in the evening.)

And so, after a delicious, satisfying supper with my husband, this a glimpse into my nightly rituals of self-connection:

Nighttime Soak | A warming bath does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit. I actually have some of my most successful ideas and visions during this time. I attribute this to the allowance of my mind and creativity to roam freely in a relaxed state, without the hindrance of a task list or to do list in mind. Being prone to anxiety, this is a truly sacred time for me.  My favorite combination is:

Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Dead Sea Salt, Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, and Geranium Essential Oil.

Community Connection | Staying connected to important people in my life - my support system - is crucial to staying connected to myself. I usually read a book aloud with my husband (with plenty of dog snuggles in there), call my mom or loved family member, Skype a friend, or illustrate a handmade card for someone special I’ve been thinking about. This is a give and take, a time of sowing into each other, and building each other up. Sometimes it’s more give, sometimes it’s more take - that’s the beauty of community.

Nighttime Nourishment | And because, as it turns out, my beloved Granny and Oupa really did know best, I stick to their late night sips and nibbles of warm milk and chocolate, albeit somewhat upgraded. Not only do these delectable delights touch upon Ayurvedic principles and increase happy feelings, but a simple gesture of connection to these two pillars of influence in my life, helps me to connect to myself. Memories of Granny whisking up frothy warm milk and Oupa counting out his chocolate squares of “medicine” come to mind.

Sips | Raw milk, slightly warmed with a dollop of ghee and a swirl of honey.

Upgraded add-insFour Sigmatic Reishi and Sun Potion Ashwagandha or Shaman Shack Herbs 3 Immortals (Reishi, Shilajit, and Ormus) mixed with Dandelion Tea.

Nibbles | Raw chocolate! Usually I just nosh on raw unsweetened cacao paste or I’ll reach for Addictive Wellness Tranquility Chocolate with Reishi, He Shou Wu, and Ashwagandha Herbs in there. Bliss!

Upgraded | I mix the chocolate in a “fluffy paste” made of combining Sun Potion Tocos, grass-fed collagen and gelatin, and coconut oil, with a sprinkle of Dragon Herbs Goji Berries and Sprouted Brazil Nuts or Almonds to top it off.

Prayer Time | This is my time of meditation, reflection, and immense gratitude for the abundance I have been given. It’s essential. I usually meditate on a verse (most of the time while soaking in the tub or while journaling). As of late, it’s been “I surrender all, because Your love is greater than life.”

Alas, having a place of sanctuary is important. I mentally associate this space as a haven for letting go, a safe place. Now give me a cool temperature, a couple Lavender & Cedarwood Essential Oil rubs and sniffs, my bamboo hypoallergenic pillow, and perhaps a sound machine of rain from time to time, and I fall into blissful sleep. I’ve surrendered the things that needed to to be given over, and I have built up myself in nourishment and preparation to help build others up in return. My vessel is now full with love, and I’m able to fully love others, passionately and completely; the way we were designed to.

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