John Masters Rose & Apricot Hair Milk


I spent A LOT of time in the ocean this past summer.  Whenever I found myself unscheduled in the morning, I’d pop down to the Ocean and swim for thirty minutes.  And nothing makes my hair more volumizing, textured, and wavier than salty ocean water.  Once my swimming days were over, I continued this look with my favorite salt sprays. 

A month ago I found my hair forming little dreadlocks at the slightest rub against anything.  And spilitends were popping up all around.  It was DRIED out. Period. As I only wash my hair once a week - to keep from stripping it too often, and day three after washing is when it really starts to look good - I was a little reluctant to buy new products for the dryness.  I use the least amount of products on my hair.  And they were the very last grooming essentials I transitioned from toxic to clean years ago.  So I approached it with my usual hydrating tool, an overnight coconut oil mask.  Even that didn’t hydrate nearly enough.

That leads me to finding myself to scouring the hair section at Whole Foods.  I decided on this white little helper. With zero faith, thinking I’d have to try a gazillion products before I’d find the one, I applied it to my damp hair post shower.

WHOA hydration. This past month, not only has it been insanely hydrating, but it’s kept dreads at bay and is the most wonderful light styling cream.  My waves hold a bit more waviness to them rather than falling rather flat (like they do when they are really nourished).  If anyone has found themselves in the same dried-out boat as I did, give this a go. 


rose flower oil - softens and nourishes hair

apricot oil - treats dryness

rosehip seed oil - antioxidant; soothes scalp; hydrates hair

borage oil - replenishes lipid content

moringa seed extract - protects against environmental pollutants; strengthens hair


untangles and eliminates frizz

strengthens hair and builds volume

leaves hair healthy and manageable


good for making hair more manageable

perfect for styling and creating natural healthy shine

great for revitalizing hair throughout the day


apply to damp or dry hair, focusing on damaged or frizzy areas such as the ends

provides the perfect hydration to protect and soften hair

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