Rêve En Vert

Sustainable clothing is a major interest of mine, and a market that I can’t wait to see explode in a luxurious, modern, and chic direction. Rêve En Vert is an online retail experience to be extremely admired and supported for an array of reasons:

They source luxurious, quality fashion made from a place of consciousness.

They only feature designers who operate their business with respect for people and the planet.

They hold their designers to three tenants of production: independent, local and ethical.

They don’t sacrifice style for ethos.

And on top of this, they themselves operation from a very conscious business approach by shipping packages out of UPS carbon neutral shipping, monitor their carbon footprint through Carbon Analytics, use packing materials are recycled and recyclable, and they’ve partnered with Trees for the Future.

It’s only a cherry on top that they carry a few of my favorite brands such as this Clyde Pinch hat I manifested a year ago.

I sat down with them and chatted about my journey into holistic living, a few products and food staples I can’t live without, my favorite line of clothing, and few other bits.  Check it out here

Photographed | Jamie Arrigo

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips