The art of rest has truly gotten away from us as a society.  Having grown up on a ranch with a grandmother that taught me to value rest above many other things, I’ve factored this very gift into my everyday life.  She would sunbathe nude for vitamin D, take a late afternoon nap, quiet reading and art were daily, and she allowed me space to explore our property alone indulging in my thoughts and imagination, under trees, between rocks, and standing in solitude in our creek. 

Living in the over stimulated city that is L.A. - from traffic, to billboards, to constant leaf blowers, and so forth, my nervous system simply requires rest. Naps between clients and meetings are very normal for me.  As are still moments throughout the day for meditation.  And interestingly enough, it’s during these deeper restful moments that my most creative and intuitive insights download.  Most of my biggest decisions and shifts have come from the very solitude that is rest.  Here are a few ways to hold this sacred space for yourself. 

GROUNDING | kicking off your shoes and connecting with the earth.  Not only does this seem to have loads of scientific benefits such as reducing inflammation in the body, but it forces you to be in the moment.  And as hippie as it seems, earth energy is an energy like no other. 

NAP | even for just 10 minutes, this can be the biggest nervous system reset.  And don’t be surprised if some incredible insight comes your way in that special space between asleep and awake.

MEDITATE | I do this before the sun comes up (with a cup of warm lemon water), before I start sessions, and before bed - on an ideal day.  The hardest thing in the world used to be sitting still.  Now it is such a sacred gift, and my key to staying focused and in control of positive thoughts.  My meditation varies, but it always starts with focusing on the breath.

ABHYANGA | learn more about this nervous system relaxing ancient ayurvedic massage here.  When I have the luxury of this, I’ll do it before my morning shower or right before bed - followed by a warm shower. 

SHUT OUT | and when I’m feeling particularly in self-care mode, I’ll simply shut out the world. This can be for a whole weekend or sometimes just for the afternoon, pending on my schedule.  This means I put away electronics, I don’t see anyone, and I live in my thoughts and intuition—which is probably an Aquarian’s absolute favorite therapy on the planet. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips