I've been on the edge of my seat to introduce Meredith Baird's INCREDIBLE new coconut balm, Nucifera.  The formula is one for the gods. The scent will make you want to eat it. And its purity was made for extremist like you and I.  Welcome to your new favorite balm.  It's one that all of us will keep stocked in our cabinets for the rest of time. 

M |  With a lifelong passion for health and wellness, I have always understood that what is going on with the inside is reflected on the outside - through our skin.

I grew up in a family with a mother who took pride in us all having a great complexion. I was on the Clinique 3-step program by the time I was ten, and was instructed to always wear sunscreen despite the fact that I tan easily. I am so grateful for all of her coaching in this department, and she still looks great in her mid 60s. Clearly something worked. We never went cheap on skin, but natural skin care was never the focus.

Despite having good skin my whole life, and eating a healthy diet, I started to get extremely dry skin and scalp in my mid 20s. I tried everything - including spending a fortune to get diagnosed with psoriasis and was given topical chemicals to treat it. Intuitively I knew this was wrong and quickly realized I was on my own. I knew all of my research and understanding of plants and diet must come in somewhere, and that’s when I began experimenting heavily with plant based oils and butters. I found so much magic in their healing powers.

When I was writing my book Coconut Kitchen, I started using coconut oil for everything - to wash my face, condition my hair, moisturize my body, etc. Although I liked coconut oil as a simple moisturizer I truly didn’t think it would work for me all that well. I was wrong. The differences I noticed were so far beyond what I expected. The most profound change was on my face.  Sun spots disappeared. Freckles disappeared. Hormonal darkening disappeared. Redness disappeared. I was truly getting the glow. Although coconut oil wasn’t powerful enough on its own as a full body moisturizer for me, I was able to witness first hand the powerful impact - beyond a moisturizer - that it had on my skin. The light went on - and I realized - oils could be used for so much more! The combination of coconut oil along with other oils, and essential oils, was the ticket to good skin.

Nucifera is a combination of the most potent plant-based oils that I have found, that I love, and that work wonders for me. The formula is designed to be easily absorbed and non-greasy. These oils moisturize without clogging your pores, they reduce inflammation, and they have natural antioxidants to protect your skin from external damage. They even skin tone, boost circulation and offer antibacterial properties to cleanse.

It is delicately scented with the highest quality wild crafted essential oils - with a fragrance designed to ground and lift your spirit - each with their own powerful healing and detoxifying properties.

Ingredients, and a brief description of their benefits include:

Kokum Butter- known for its emollient, and regenerative properties. Promotes skin elesticity, moistures and repairs damaged skin.

Mango Butter- softens skin, helps relief eczema and other inflammatory skin issues. Offers mild UV radiation protection.

Coconut Oil - moisturizes, evens skin tone, offers antibacterial and ant-inflammatory properties.

Avocado Oil- enhances skins ability to produce collagen, increases water retention, excellent for scalp conditions

Borage Oil - reduces inflammation and can soothe muscle tension and joint pain, deeply moisturizing

Moringa Oil - helps promote cellular growth, contains vtamin C to stabilize collagen and helps reduce fine lines

Essential Oil Blend of Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Carrot Seed Oil, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Frankincense  - a combination that calms and soothes the nervous system,  boost skin rejuvenation and detoxification, and has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect.

The battle between efficacy and hoax has always been the conversation between natural products and cosmeceuticals.

Nucifera works. And in the spirit of simplicity it is truly one of the only skin products you will need.

Here are my TOP 5 favorite ways to use it:

FACE WASH- Hands down the best way to cleanse your skin. I rub a pea sized amount onto my face (with makeup or without) - if I'm wearing eye makeup I will gently rub it on my lashes. I massage to breakup makeup any dirt of residue. I follow up with a warm washcloth of PureSol Konjac Facial Sponge to gently wipe off my face. This removes all makeup and leaves your skin feeling moisturized instead of stripped down. I follow up with a touch more Nucifera to deeply moisturize- especially at night.

NECK and SHOULDER MASSAGE - Yes… Wu-Tang Clan was on to something with the lyrics "Protect Ya Neck" - We totally neglect our necks when it comes to skincare, when in reality it is one of the first places to sag and show our age. I always make sure to throughly upwardly massage my neck and décolletage to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage on all areas of my upper body.

POMADE/ HAIR OIL- I have super short (and yes, bleached blond) hair. Making sure that my hair stays healthy and free from breakage is so important. I use Nucifera to style and moisturize. I gently work in a small amount onto the tips. Even if your hair is short, long or ethnic - it works great!

 DEODORANT- You can mix approximately 1 tablespoon Nucifera with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and apply as an underarm deodorant. Sometimes I just skip the baking soda and apply directly. The combination of essential oils, and the natural antibacterial effect of the oils actually works amazingly well as deodorant.

PEDICURES- Admittedly sometimes I will go to nail salons that aren't holistic for a quick mani/pedi situation. I don't trust the product or paint that they use so I always bring my own. Whether you are doing your own at home or out- Nucifera is amazing for rough feet, hands, nails and cuticles!

And lastly, SUN PROTECTION! while I can't officially estimate the SPF, it does act as a mild sun protectant. I don't use it as the only sunscreen on my face, but I don't burn easily so I trust it as the sun protectant for my body and keeps my skin toned.

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