Yeminici shoes have completely captured my everything.  I can’t walk down the street without someone asking where I got them, so I thought they’d be the perfect sustainable garment item to share with you. 

Yeminici   [yem-ih-ni-chi]

+ Artisanal, hand-crafted shoe maker. 

+ Hand craftsmen.

+ A Desert nomad. A Poet. A sea of earth. The origin of human travel. Our roots. An ancient embrace. An adventurer. A band of brothers and sisters. A hunter gatherer. A life on foot. A natural element. The journey.

Every aspect from the tanneries that dye their leather to the hand craftsmenship and tools used, follow a Turkish tradition that dates back centuries.  Not only are they visual perfection, but they are the chicest slip-ons. They nourish your posture by encouraging one to walk the way our feet and arch are traditionally supposed to, and unlike all my other slip-on’s they never EVER smell from sweaty feet – which in itself is the ultimate fete.  

Yeminici are truly the perfect accent to my all-white daily uniform.  If you value handcrafted, tradition, and sustainability, then these shoes are certainly your jam. 

Photos | Jamie Arrigo

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