Current Astrology Reads

Last week, I tossed a bag together and popped up to my family’s ranch.  Aside from having the opportunity to be present and connect with my family, I took the time to cleanse and “tap in”. This consisted of RA MA TV daily with Guru Jagat, grounding (barefoot on property), sleeping with Binaurual Beats, meditating deeply, and indulging in kitchari and juices (with protein and fat).

Yes I needed to connect with my family, but if I were to search deeper, I needed to disconnect and become conscious. I don’t know about you guys, but that Supermoon Eclipse really came down on me. Last week felt like a mini Mercury in Retrograde filled with A LOT of insight and clarity. I needed a lot of space, zero pressure, and to be surrounded by people that loved me - to really hear the insight and let my intuition guide me.

And as things work out exactly the way they are supposed to, I dipped into my late grandmother’s library and found a slew of vintage books that are EXACTLY the books I’ve been wanting to read.  So I've decided to dedicate this next little space specifically to educating myself deeper in astrology.

My Current Reads

THE ASTROLOGER'S HANDBOOK | an incredible book for decoding your natal chart (planets and houses).  This one is extra special because my grandmother used a pencil to write every single family member's names by their planets and houses.  A treasure and gift. 

PLANETS IN LOVE | decoding love and sexuality astrologically. And the best retro cover ever.

THE ASTROLOGY OF HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS | another gem that goes deep into degrees, relationships, planets, and houses. 

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