Spring Forward


I don’t know about you but springing forward has brought a WHOLE new energy my way. Warm LA weather combined with longer evenings is offering all the feels of sexy, nomadic, lightness, inspiration, and high-vibes.  Here is what I’m coveting and indulging in this spring.

HOROSCOPE SYMBOLS | based on Monday’s current astrology reads, I continues my full immersion of astrological self-education.

ATMAN ROLL-ON OIL | a scent that is bright, light, comforting, and protective spiritual armor. Notes of Sandalwood (to awaken intuition), Frankincense (clear mental cobwebs and sharpen focus), Neroli (sun energy), Tulsi and Palo Santo. Jiva-Apoha created the perfect concentrated aromatic force with this one.

CHIKUSEIKO INCENSE | we’ve been burning these little Japanese charcoal incense on the regular since I picked them up as a little gift. Dainty, chic, and light.

PANAMA WIDE BRIM | to shelter my skin from the harsh LA sun.

YAK YARN TEE | I feel like Olderbrother created this new S/S season specifically for my soul. This tee is an upgrade from your favorite French stripe with soft gray and the every so chic yak yarn. 

FORTY-FIVE TROUSERS | I’ve been living in these! And they are especially sexy with a tight tee and clogs. Or stripes and some white Bensimons. My spring uniform.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS | I had the honor of attending a very powerful circle at The BE Society on the eclipse.  And I was lucky enough to enjoy a crystal singing bowl sound bath preformed by Kassia Meador.  It was such a profound healing experience. I’m certainly coveting these bowls.  

MAY LINDSTROM YOUTH DEW | last month I attended CAP Beauty’s one year anniversary gathering and I was gifted this magical serum.  Between washing my face daily with Nucifera and then warming this in my palms / applying after a hydrosol. Wow.

FRIDA CLOG | hello spring and summer.  These No. 6 clog slides are everything. 

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