Gratitude Road trip


Spring fever is very real for me right now.  And I always get the blues when I get home from a trip.  The high and excitement of being somewhere new is always followed by the lows of normal everyday life.  Coming home from NYC was particularly hard as I’d only be in LA for a bit before departing to Portland.  The in-between trips are extra low for me.  Lows are small bouts of depression that result in wanting to sleep a lot, cut off from society, and sort of hide. 

I learned long ago that it’s important for me to channel that energy into positivity.  Especially to stay in vibration with what I’m manifesting and calling into my life.  So I turned this downtime into a gratitude drive.  I’ve been doing these since around the age of twenty-three.

MY PROCESS | I allow myself to sit with whatever sadness, irritation, anger, annoyance, lack, and any other negative vibration that's coming up.  I witness it.  Dive to the root.  Then I give myself a deadline to process and feel these feelings fully.  Once I meet my deadline (the drive), from that point forward, all my thoughts then shift and focus on what I’m grateful for.

I hop in the car.  I pick a destination.  I turn off my phone.  I drive.  And I do my favorite things in my favorite destination solo while thinking of any and each little thing I’m grateful for.

This particular drive was to Ojai, which served as my home away from home for the last five years.  I drove up after I wrapped with my clients and work for the day.  I listened to old blues and jazz, I put on an outfit that made me feel vibrational, and I drove giving so much thanks and gratitude.  Once I arrived in Ojai I enjoyed my favorite things.  I ate at Farmer and The Cook, I popped into In The Field, peeked in on the hot springs, and headed to Meditation Mount to connect with myself more deeply. 

Then I journeyed home feeling beyond lucky and unimaginably full.

It’s not about the destination, or eating, or shopping.  Sometimes this drive is very close – to Malibu or Venice – and I never even get out of the car.  The point is to shake up energy away from your current environment and simply start recognizing gratitude.  It’s one of the most thrilling continual road trips you’ll ever take with yourself. 

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