Easing Cycle Woes


It’s those super annoying 10-14 days before your cycle starts.  Your breasts are getting tender, you’re retaining water weight, estrogen is obscenely high so you’re feeling anxious, unworthy, unlovable, depressed, and frustrated.  You have zero energy, and all you want to get your hands on are sweets and carbs. Oh and those couple of crys when you least expect them.  

We all know by now that PMS isn’t our birthright. It’s unnatural, but because we live in an over estrogenic society with so many endocrine disruptors, plastics, environmental toxins, stress, and poor diet, our endocrine system can go out of whack – throwing our hormones off - and we can become estrogen dominant.

Here are a few tips that can help you lean into this vulnerable time while you are doing the work to course correct your hormones.

GO INWARD | this is a perfect time to clear your schedule from social events, rest when you need it, and take the time to be with yourself. Get cozy. You may feel inclined to organize at this time. Shift your schedule to that rather than saying yes to every social invite. Journal, rest, drink tea, and realize that this isn’t you, it’s simply a little bit of hormone imbalance that you can very much heal.

MAGNESIUM | for me, magnesium is one of the biggest PMS reducers.  I make sure to keep Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil on hand. 8 squirts of it in the morning, noon, and evening. I transition where I apply it to my body (chest / neck, belly, legs, and arms).  I let it absorb for 20 minutes and then I wash it off.  This is the xanax to my PMS anxiety, the permission to my rest, and a wonderful comfort during PMS depression.  I also love an evening Epsom salt bath for this (2-4 lbs).

SUN ENERGY | hippie as it may sound, after you apply your Magnesium oil, go sit in the sun for 15 minutes. Simply face your whole body to the sun with as much of your skin exposed as possible (based on your weather situation). This is a wonderful therapy for helping to regulate hormones and boost your happy chemicals. It also feels incredibly healing and soothing.

LIST | make a tiny daily list of what you absolutely need to accomplish.  During these fatigued and down times, simply putting one foot in front of the other and checking off accomplishments will do wonders for feeling like you've completed everything you needed to at the end of the day.  This goes far in the self-worth department.

REGULAR | it’s very important to have regular bowel movements at this time. Eating cooked cruciferous vegetables such as kale, cabbage, spinach, and broccoli and helpful in producing good estrogen. Keeping regular makes sure that you are detoxing your liver of any extra unwanted estrogen. Lots of good fiber, Body brushing or Abhyanga are also very useful at this time to help eliminate extra toxins through bowel movements.

HORMONE BALANCE | your key to getting back on track and eliminating PMS is Woman Code. It really is the most incredible approach and healer.  If you find that you are following it to a “T” and still experiencing PMS after three months, then you could be suffering from candida induced estrogen dominance. In this case, I recommend contacting my healer Christine Dionese.  She’s thorough, ultra holistic, and will get you on track in no time flat! This goes for any other health imbalance(s) one might be suffering from. 

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