Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra

Today’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra shines light on the shadows. New Moon in Pisces Eclipse hit us hard, a couple of weeks ago, with deep emotions, and it called us to close some doors on things that weren’t serving us. Now with today’s lunar Libra energy, we are pulled to see everything – light and shadows, self and others, good and evil, black and white.  Both sides. Balance.

The Pisces energy still present gives us the opportunity to feel everything and realize that we are all connected on this planet.  However, living with an open heart should be supported with healthy boundaries.  Something that I instill in my clients (and is my personal motto pertaining family, friends, and partnership). 

Our big karmic patterns are also revealed at this time, which may open up big wounds but gives us the opportunity for great healing. Here is what I’ll be tuning into under today’s lunar energy that offers progress, balance, growth, and clear boundaries.

RA MA LIVE STREAM | with Guru Jagat.  About two weeks ago, during that emotional time after the last eclipse, I headed to my family’s property.  On the drive, my intuition pinged me that I needed to listen to Guru Jagat for the entire drive. I’ve been practicing with RA MA TV daily since, and even popped into class last Saturday for the Equinox.  Some INCREDIBLY powerful shifts have been happening - namely in the prosperity department. Like whoa! She’s also so astrologically insightful. So today, I’ll be tuning into her live stream from Spain at 10a PST.

"It's the time to strengthen our nervous system. More-so than focusing on green juices and self-care. When we are having such a cosmic upgrade, your aperture can open really wide. When we have an eclipse, the stronger your nervous system, the bigger the light can stream into your life. Things open up for you, more light can stream in, and you can see more clearly.  That is enlightenment. But you need a stronger nervous system to handle the more you see." -Guru Jagat  

THE AYURVEDIC COOKBOOK | I’m still incorporating Kitchari into a few of my meals daily since my cleanse in February.  It’s so comforting and tasty. More so my skin has never been so vibrant, my nails have never been so pink, and my digestion is on a whole new level of balance.  All of this combined made me want to dive deep into the culinary world of Ayurvedic cooking for my dosha. Apparently, this vintage wonder is a great place to dive-in. 

SELENITE | I’ll be practicing RA MA today with this huge selenite log nearby to open up my subconscious, connect to my psychic, fine-tune my intuition, and ground myself.  It’s become my favorite mineral next to citrine.


ALMOND BUTTER | because it's sprouted, raw, stone ground, and I’ll need something to snack on (by the spoonful).

WHITE SUN ALBUM | my friend Meredith Baird introduced me to this album even before I started practicing with RA MA (again).  I have to give it equal credit for the all the prosperity shifts that have been happening lately. A bit on how sound current shifts your subconscious here. Chant along. 

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