Sprouted Buckwheat Green Protein Bowl by Cathryn Fowler

Sprouted Buckwheat Green Protein Bowl

½ cup fresh coconut mylk

1/2 of the juice of one lemon, with some zest grated in

A generous heaping of some spinach

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp Mattole Valley Naturals colostrum or Sun Potion Tocos

1 tsp spirulina

1 tsp Sun Potion chlorella (Sometimes, I throw in ashitaba and moringa for good measure too.)

1 TB soaked chia gel (I keep a stash of this in my fridge; simply chia seeds mixed with alkaline water.)

2 TB Immortal Machine Superfood Drink Mix*

PROCESS | After that’s all blended, I lightly pulse in ½ cup sprouted buckwheat groats, keeping a fairly textured consistency.

Then, top with goji berries/cocoa nibs/golden berries/raw sprouted nuts/bee pollen/etc.

*When I don’t have the immortal machine mix on hand, I use a personal mix of hemp protein, lucuma, cacao, maca, mucuna, and Omica Organics stevia, or you could simply reach for your favorite protein powder.

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