Salt Cured Yolks

free-and-native-Salt Cured Egg Yolks

Last Sunday we completely forgot that it was Easter.  It slipped right by me.  Once we realized, we decided to jet down to Venice and enjoy a day west.  We imbibed in 100% cacao drinks at Chocovivo, lunch at Gjusta, and finished with my dear friend Meredith Baird’s dinner recommendation, Dudley Market

Dudley was beyond impressive. All of their meat is organic and sourced form a small farm in the Bay Area, and their produce is sourced with just as much consciousness and care.  We really indulged, and the dishes that came out continued to blow our minds.  Namely their Buttered Lettuce salad with a salt cured egg yolk.

As someone that is such a lover of France - all things cured and fermented - this really spiked my interest. The oldest form of cooking to man, salt curing, is the perfect addition to Spring dishes, and curing egg yolks couldn’t be easier.  Plus they develop a really rich flavor and their texture firms making them perfect to top avocados toasts, salads, bowls, or grate over pasta.  Your guests will be happily impressed with this new little addition during you spring gatherings.

PROCESS | source good quality organic pasture raised eggs from your favorite local farm. Scatter a 1/8 layer of sea salt at the bottom of a shallow bowl. Crack open your ½ dozen to dozen eggs and gently discard the whites into another bowl. (DON’T waste these. Use them in baking, a scramble, or I feed them to my dog if I really don’t have anything in the mix as raw whites are deeply nourishing for them.) Then gently place each yolk on your bed of salt. Cover the bowl with a lid or wrap. Place in the fridge for 4-5 days. Use as your culinary imagination desires. 

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