Trusting Intuition

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Intuition is, and has always been, my life roadmap.  I’m so very lucky that I’ve always listened to myself, and steered clear of societal and parental pressure 90% of the time.  No matter how seemingly unconventional my decisions have appeared: “You absolutely need a college education.  I’d reconsider quitting this job when you have a 401k and amazing health insurance.  Lacy, you’re so close and now you want to completely quit acting?”  Some of the many one-liners uttered by my incredibly well intended father (who has gracefully learned to roll with my personal choices). 

The truth is that nobody, and I mean nobody, is better informed about your well-being than your intuition. No guru, no spiritual leader, no moon circle, no herb, no superfood. These wonderful resources can be great mentors for leading you even closer to yourself.  But in the end, it’s your internal voice that will take you exactly where you are supposed to go. Even with my clients, my job is to give them individual tools that empower them to remove old-programming, find clarity, and sharpen their direct conversation with their intuition, so that they eventually fully open up to receiving exactly what they are seeking. 

But what happens if your intuitive voice or feelings seem dull, fuzzy, or unclear? What happens if you feel so far away from your essence, authentic self, or disconnected? Or what if you’ve never truly connected with your intuition and you are questioning if the feelings you receive are real?  It’s actually quite simple to connect or re-connect.  The more you strengthen this muscle, the clearer your insight becomes. And it costs nothing at all. All you need is a bit of time and space where you won’t be interrupted.

Here is one of my favorite tools for reconnecting with your soul mate (your inner intelligence).


PROCESS | set your alarm for 10, 15, or 20 minutes (however much time you have). Sit quietly and focus on your breathing.  Slow your thoughts down until you’re able to have clarity of mind. Simply ask the universe if there’s anything you need to know right now. Don’t force thoughts. You can even picture yourself somewhere peaceful so that you aren’t forcing insight. Notice what comes to you. Don’t analyze or question anything. Just accept your experience in the moment. When you are finished, sit in gratitude for anything you received.

Practice this for a series of days to weeks until you feel that you are receiving what I call “pings” throughout the day.  Messages.  You’ll know when you’ve received one because it will feel slightly more knowing and different than just a regular thought or feeling.

Make sure to simultaneously accompany this meditation with “pretending you’re always right.” By holding that thought during your daily life, you leave no space for doubt, fear or worry. And you begin trusting your intuition. Even if the feelings or pings you’re receiving don’t make sense, or seem illogical, I promise that their accuracy and brilliance will be revealed in time.  

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